Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Blonde People Love

I hate blonde people love.
I apologize if you are blonde and happen to love someone who is also blonde. To be honest, I probably don't even notice.
But in movies... *shudder* I hate it.

I watched "I am Number Four" this weekend.
How can you root for their love when they are both BLONDE?!

Needless to say, the only reason I watched the movie was for Alex Pettyfer.
I mean, I hated the girl he loved. 
The classic "I love old cameras and I'm unique and different and perfect because I don't want to be like anyone else" gets quite annoying.

I mean, if you really like old cameras, go ahead. Just don't be different to be different.

Okay. Done with the mini rant of the day.

In other news:
Sometimes... my life is perfect and then awkward.

Perfect being when I got to sing at a retirement home, get a snowcone and chicken nuggets with a redhead, and then take a walk and lay in a park for like an hour. (He wanted to tell me what he liked about me... what a sweetheart.)

Awkward being when my father drives past while I'm kissing in the driveway.

That would happen to me.
(This picture is a Sarah Dessen quote. I'll write about her soon. I have a secret obsession with her books.)

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  1. oh my oh my. I love your blog. i'm now one of your handful of friends. (: And i absolutely love these quote pictures thingy ma-jigs. haha