Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Comparison

There is a reason we aren't supposed to compare ourselves to others.
It makes us miserable.
All morning I was so sad. The thing was: I knew that I shouldn't be.
I knew I shouldn't compare myself to her, or her, or her, or anyone else. But I still was.

Thank heavens for church!
I didn't have a huge revelation or feel tons better about myself, I was just reassured.
I'll be fine. I was not sent here to fail.

And guess what?
I'm very, very blessed.

-I got to take a brain squashing test, and I feel I did great.
-That test will get me to where I want to go.
-I was given friends at the test so I wouldn't be miserable.
-I got to go on a date.
... with a great boy.
-And, of course, I get my mom. She's great. I want to be like her!

So no, I'm not 100% better. But I know I can work at this. 
And one day? I'll be good. :)

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