Monday, May 2, 2011

I Guess It's True.

They say once you start a blog, you somehow have time to blog.
This is true.

Well, let's get started.
What do all girls blog about? ....Oh, boys.
I guess I can do that.
Seeing as how, you know, I like boys. Once every blue moon, a boy likes me, too!
The thing about my life right now: Two blue moons came at once.
I've got two wonderful boys yet I like neither.
(Quick sidenote: Some people say that the word "like" is immature or stupid. What do you think you feel? Love? I think love comes after years of trial and error. Liking and infatuation are part of being in high school. And that's fine.)
Back to my boys. :)

...They're wonderful. As different as can be. The similarities: They both have strong testimonies and they are both hilarious. Everything else? 100% different.
Why, Kimberly? Why are you so stupid that you can't like boys who write wonderful notes? Boys who call you Kimberly when no one else does? Boys who remember absolutely everything about you? Boys who absolutely love to be around you?

The simple truth: the heart wants who it wants. And my heart wants neither of them.
One day, I will meet someone. Every time I see him my heart will explode and my stomach will have those classic butterflies. That day isn't today. 
I liked a boy, once. For a long, long time.
But that was a while ago, and I've realized I've got a lot of growing to do before I find my real man. :)
That boy, the one I liked? He defined my life for a long time. I'm not going to let an oblivious boy have that control over me again.
Anyway, that's it for today. :)

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