Saturday, May 14, 2011

Notes and No Shoes; Authors and Plasma Cars.

Yesterday I kept thinking "I could totally write a blog post about this! And find cute pictures and everything!"
I've joined the ranks of the obsessed bloggers.

I gave someone a note.
Let's just say I ended my three-boy conundrum.
I chose one.

Somewhere throughout the day, I lost my shoes.
Seriously. I had to walk everywhere barefoot.
How does someone lose their shoes at school??
This picture was chosen because:
1) The bare feet.
2) Every summer has a story. And I'm just waiting to find out what this one's is.

I learned a lot from not wearing shoes, but writing it would simply make this blog post too long.
Oh, I never found my shoes.

I met my favorite author yesterday! It was wonderful!
She creates magic.
I'm excited to see what I learn from her newest book!

To end the night, I did something childish.
And it was possibly the funnest thing ever.
I left my house at 10:30. That means I only had 45 minutes and then I would have to leave to make my curfew.
First, a really cute redhead came and picked me up.
Then we played on these:
(This girl makes it look so easy.)
We played tag with them. We all cheated at some point and used our feet.

Instead of going home when I should have, I stayed an extra minute.
This means I was a minute late for curfew.
In my house, that is a big deal.
But my boy (can I call him that now?) ran me to my door because he wanted to be a gentleman.
What a sweetheart. :)

I can't believe I waited to long to tell him (and myself) how I feel.
I've got two weeks. Then he's gone.
Then we've got one summer... right?
I guess this means I've got to make these weeks count.

One of Heavenly Fathers Tender Mercies of the Day:
-A Friday that was fantastic from start to finish.

~The Girl in the Dress


  1. Kim. Kim. KIM!!! oh i love this! with all my heart. I am so glad you have your boy!

  2. For the record, the words you speak make me absolutely gleeful in every way physically possible.

  3. happy. happy. happy. I am so pleased with these posts. :)