Saturday, May 28, 2011

When I Try to be a Rebel

When I try to be a rebel...
It doesn't work.
I got caught lying last night.

The one time I lie...
I get caught.
And I knew I would, too.

Stupid, Kimberly. Really stupid.

I attempted to lie to my parents and say Kara was waiting to drive me to a sleepover, but it was really Daniel who was going to drive me somewhere else. (Poor guy. He totally didn't know I wasn't allowed to go.)

And my parents caught me. Of course.

Long story short, we ended up driving around a neighborhood frantically trying to find Jenna's house. While we waited for Jenna to get to what we thought was her house, I just lay my head on the headrest and Daniel played with my hair. And we just sat there. I was distraught.
FINALLY, I got to the sleepover. Jenna had to talk to my mom so she could verify that I was really at her house.
The sleepover was fun. I was mildly hated because everyone was jealous of my really amazing luck. :) Oh, and we laughed like lunatics at every single thing anyone said.

Back to my lying.
I will be choosing my punishment. But the real punishment is that I feel so awful about it.

Lesson learned.

In other news: 
My redhead played in the final band of Cavestock.
He plays the guitar like a pro! What a stud.
I was pushed to the very front of the crowd.
He tossed me his baseball cap and I wore it for the night.
That was his last high school dance.
(If I knew how to copy images from facebook to here... I would post one of Chloe's lovely pictures. Help, anyone? With the new way they do picture viewing, I don't know how to copy one.)

I love Coldplay.
And I freaking love fortune cookies.
Ask me about that sometime.

I love Weezer as well.
This is my favorite song by them. (If you're wondering if I want you to, I want you to)

Weezer was played at Cavestock, as well as Coldplay. And the Killers. My type of music.
Despite my impending punishment, my life is awesome. :)

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  1. thanks Kimberly. :) you download them...bottom left corner of the picture viewer I believe...Killers and Coldplay. I am happy about that.