Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Fortune Cookies

Have I talked about this?
If so, bear with me.
My Fortune Cookie Belief*:
*Note. I truly think this. We're all allowed to think a couple of far fetched things in our lives!

A fortune cookie is a message from Fate to you.
If you grab a fortune cookie, there is a reason why you got that cookie.
Fate is trying to tell you something.
Once you open a fortune cookie, it is like a little prayer that floats up to heaven.
That's why you don't tell anyone your fortunes, because do you tell people your prayers?

I have a countless number of fortunes stashed in the corners of my room.

People have teased me for this before, but I don't care.
A fortune cookie makes me happier than almost anything in the world.

Thank you, Fate, for talking to me by means of a cute little cookie.

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