Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Lemonade Stands

So. I don't have some long list of things I have to do this summer.
(I mean, Daniel and I have a ten-event long list. We just did the Philly Cheesesteaks. But this post isn't about Mr. Bradford.)
I do, however, have a couple of personal clear goals.

A perpetual goal I made about a year ago: As soon as I got my driver's license, I would stop at every single stand on the side of the road with a kid selling something.

Sometimes, I really don't want to.
I've run out of quarters. I'm almost out of dimes and nickels.
But see, two minutes out of my time make the kid's day.
I've been to two stands so far today.

$0.75, one snowcone, and a lollypop for me = the cutest smiles.

It's pretty much my favorite thing to do.
I think one Saturday I'll drive around and see how many I can find.
Please stop the next time you see one!
(We all know that we've tried to have a lemonade stand. I don't know about you, but mine failed. Stop your car and let them live the dream!)

In other news:
I'll be making BLTs tonight with Daniel. Yeah, we're sandwich people. He's never had a BLT, and I had never had a Philly. We're completing life goals here, people!

Two days ago I heard this song: Every Teardrop is a Waterfall by Coldplay. I already have it memorized. The great thing about Coldplay is that I can listen to the songs and simply appreciate the music. Rarely is a band's music good enough that I forget to listen to the lyrics. Coldplay is one of those bands.

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