Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Quick Story

I think it's time that I talk about a certain boy.

I've been trying not to only talk about him on this blog, and then I realized that I haven't actually really talked about him in a while. So here we go.

He's probably the best thing that's ever happened to me.
Or very, very high on the list.

I feel... healthier.

For months and months (and months and months) I thought that I was worthless.
And I had accepted that.

Then, Brother Anderson invited me over for some good ol' apple pie.
Thank goodness for that pie.
I met a redhead whom I had always admired from a distance.
He was funny and kind and simply made me happy.
(I think that's the secret to this whole relationship: He just makes me happy. There is no pain, there is no roller coaster of emotion. One day isn't miserable and the next wonderful. They're all wonderful.)

We'd say hi to each other in the hallways, always looking really excited to see each other.
Just acquaintances.
He stood next to me at a basketball game, and I really thought I was standing next to one of the coolest people in the school.
I was on Cloud Nine.

Then... he asked me to Prom.

And we became good, good friends.

Then we started being with each other as much as possible.

Then we kissed.

And here we are today.

I guess... he just makes me feel like I'm on top of the world.

"Kim... you simply seem happier. He just brings out the best side of you!"- My Mom.
Yep. My whole family absolutely loves him.

He calls me Kimberly, when no one else even tries to.

May I just share one story?
We're driving in his car, holding hands. He says "Can I tell you something?" He's using his nervous voice. "Remember how you told me that if I ever stopped liking you, I had to tell you?"
No. He's not doing this to me right now. I mean, he's holding my hand! He can't be doing this.
His voice shakes. "I want you to know... every time that I see you... you get more beautiful than you were the day before."

Later that night, he texts me this: "Can I just say that it's been like that since the day I met you. Honestly."

I feel really, really, really blessed.


  1. Dear Kim,
    That was precisely what I needed to hear today. It made me happy :)


  2. Dear Kimberly,

    I'm glad he makes you happy.

    "She's as red as a hot chili pepper!"




  3. Ahhhhhhhh my heart strings are strung. I'm so so so happy for you :)