Sunday, June 12, 2011

Three of My Favorite Things

1. My ward girls. So basically, I love my religion. I'm SO grateful that I get to be in the ward that I am!
This week I went to Youth Conference.
Staying in a cabin with those girls was wonderful!
I wish our cabin looked like this! Pretend it did.

2. My sister... Who is engaged! What the?! She's my best friend... and she's leaving me.
But I'm going to be the Maid of Honor!

3. A cumulation of the two
I love this commercial. I love everything about it.
The music, her hair (do you think it's possible for me to cut my bangs like that and pull it off?), her tea length dress, the flowers in her hair, the tent, the rain, the piggyback ride he gives her... everything.
It's absolutely perfect.

A bonus thing I love: My Mailbox.
Sometimes I leave little letters in it and my redhead comes and picks them up.

Okay, one more:
The word unmitigated. Especially in the phrase "Unmitigated joy."
It just reminds me of the end of Pride and Prejudice (Keira Knightley version) when he says "...Mrs. Darcy... Mrs. Darcy... Mrs. Darcy." Unmitigated joy, right there.

The little things. :)

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