Friday, July 29, 2011

Not Ready

I've done something really, really stupid.
I've become very close with a bunch of people I will never see again.

For two full years of high school, I stuck to my own. My friends were in my grade. They wouldn't be leaving me until I left them.
About two months before school ended, I started hanging out with the Seniors.
Smooth move, Kimberly. Don't worry, they're just going to leave you.
I just ignored the impending end of summer... but it's coming faster than ever.

I've seen my friends in my grade less than 5 times this summer. I've seen my ex-Senior friends about 5 times this week.

Right now I cannot even imagine how I'm going to feel saying goodbye to them.
I can't picture going back to school.

The good news is: Things are NEVER as bad as they seem.
Next year will be the best year ever.
Before it comes, I have to make the summer count.
Living everyday, no matter the approaching deadline. It will come no matter what I do, so I might as well live it up daily.
I'm not ready for this to end, but when it does, I know it'll be okay. I'll have help from Above. I always do.


  1. It happens. I'm pretending that they aren't leaving and that I am not actually going back to high school.

    But they are and I am I guess that's just going to have to be fine.

  2. Hey, I'm kind of a stranger I believe, but I absolutly love your blog & your stories & you're just so sweet and after I read this I thought I should say something :)

    I feel the exact same way with this whole school thing and friends leaving. My best friend is actually leaving in 21 days, and I'm scared, I'm really scared, but after a ton of prayers and advice I've come to a conclusion.. it'll all be ok :) actually better.

    I mean, take your own advice, it really helped me a month ago!

    ".. but we're the type of kids who ignore the deadline already set for us."

    who ever said this was the end? it's just the begining.

    Love the blog!
    Best of luck,