Monday, August 29, 2011

I know what you're thinking.

"She has a deep fear of birds! Why are they all over her blog?"

This is a good question that I, too, find myself asking.

Here is the explanation:

Yes, I am afraid of birds. Their beady eyes, their sick necks, and their disgusting legs/ feet absolutely bring me to tears.
I love the idea of a bird. The idea of flying. This is also why I have a thing for hot air balloons, I think. How more magical can you get? Floating lazily through the air, being held by a giant balloon! Back to the bird: they fly through the air on wings. Simply beautiful. They perch on wires and build intricate nests. Yes, as long as I don't have to look at one, birds are alright with me.

P.S. To my Color-that-is-Golden/Adventure-is-Out-There blogger friend: I am so sorry! I realized after I updated my blog... that it looks quite a bit like yours. So maybe I subconsciously want to be like you? Yes, I think that's it. Please take it as a compliment!


  1. Dearest Kimberly,
    You have no idea that I exist, but I read your blog and I love IT!!! This post is pretty much my life...birds terrify me. Thank you for your wonderful blog and your beautiful photos, and uplifting quotes....

    Much love,

    Your blog stalker

  2. Dear Miss Kimberly Noelle,
    I consider it a compliment for sure :) And it's totally fine! I hope you're having an AWESOME senior year!I enjoy reading your beautiful blog.

    love from,