Sunday, August 21, 2011

Lessons Learned from a Horse

I spent a lovely day at a friend's (huge) ranch.
I was thinking of how I was going to write a blog about how perfect the day was.

Four Wheeling? Priceless.

Repelling? Everything I had imagined.

Getting my hair caught while repelling and having to rip some of my hair out? It hurt, but it was funny.

Riding a horse for miles?
I thought I would love it. I didn't.

I fell in love with a black horse named Tommy. I got to ride him, and I was so happy! That didn't last long. Long story short, every single time the horse trotted, it felt like I had a knife being stabbed into my side.

No one else was phased by the riding. They were laughing about centaurs and certain horse's smells. I was biting my lip to keep from crying. Eventually I broke down and did cry.

You don't have to tell me how wimpy that is, I already know.

Today my ribs still hurt when I touch them, and I think I bruised them while repelling. That's what caused the pain.

So, while miserable on a horse, I learned some lessons:

1. Don't choose something just because it's pretty. I much rather would have taken a gentler horse.

2. Sometimes you can't simply leave a trial. I couldn't turn around. I just had to keep moving forward.

3. Bad things end.

4. Things never, ever, ever, ever, ever go the way you plan them to. Ever. You've just got to trust that whatever happens will make you a better person.

Overall, the day as wonderful. I loved it despite the horse incident.

You know it's been a good day when you drive home (accidentally) belting Total Eclipse of the Heart and laughing about The Ring.


  1. haha...the hair thing totally happened to us when we went rappelling as a ward!

  2. go kimberly. :)
    i'm so happy i got to spend the day with you
    you are a lovely sport.

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