Monday, August 1, 2011

Mi Vida es Bella

Well, the first off: I feel like I just found out my favorite love song was written about a sandwich. (Credit to 27 Dresses for that analogy.)
One of my role models turned out to be someone I didn't expect.

But besides that, my life is amazingly beautiful.

For Girl's Camp, the YCL's had to write a little something about who they are. Our leader told us "It's something like 'I'm an athlete.' 'I'm a concert pianist.'"
I couldn't seem to do it. I'm not defined by a noun; I am defined by experiences and small attributes. And I figure my life is like that, too.

My life is beautiful because I went on an adventure this morning involving two different Shauna's, who both run ballet studios one street away from each other. Let's just say that misunderstanding led to "Are we being Punked? Come on out, Ashton.", "We're going to be sold to White Slavery!", and "Google Maps, the road does not exist!" And it all ended in laughter and being told I look like my good friend Katherine (which if you know her, you know is a very large compliment).

My life is beautiful because I took two EHS tests. Only 3 more to go!

My life is beautiful because I watched a Barbie movie with my little sister.

My life is beautiful because Cameron Mitchell left the Glee Project because he is amazing.

And mostly, I know my life is beautiful because I know this boy. A boy who is the most likeable person I've ever met, and he chose to see something beautiful in me. Because I like him more and more everyday that I'm with him. Because he will come over to my house and play with my family and they all love him, too. Because he looks so cute in his church clothes. Because he loves every little thing about me. Yesterday he told me that he really likes my hands. I never thought a guy would notice my hands or my elegant fingers.

La vita e bello
Le vie est belle.
Si, mi vida es bella.

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