Friday, September 30, 2011

Little Moments

I've been filling out college applications.

One question I have been asked is "If you had a free afternoon tomorrow, what would you do with it?"

And I wonder... should I tell them:
The truth: Watch my little sister play Zelda.
What I did two afternoons ago: Take turns with my siblings sitting in a wheelbarrow and a recycling bin being pushed in them by a really wonderful red-headed boy.
 Or, what I did yesterday: Drive all the way to Orem to return a book that I thought came from B&N... only to find out it was from Deseret Book. One of the most embarrassing moments in my life thus far.

We all know that I'll say none of the three.
But don't they all sound so great?

Another success of yesterday: I became, in Daniel's words, a "True American." Yes, folks. I watched Rocky.
(and it was fantastic!)

So, Amazing Colleges That I Have to Impress, these are the moments I live for.

  • Hearing my favorites song played on the radio after being mortified at the book store.
  • Drinking apple cider even though it burns my tongue.
  • Feeling that thrill in your belly when you see you did better than expected on a math test.
  • Hearing some Polynesian boys sing.
  • Getting a steak brought to your doorstep.
  • Really, really long hugs goodnight.

Maybe I won't get to an outstanding college, but you know what?
  • My little siblings are still my best friends.
  • My favorite bands are still writing music.
  • National Geographic is still writing about baby elephants.
The little moments go on and on and on and on.

A little kiss on the cheek goes a long, long way in making me happy.

....Oh, and the D-backs got to the playoffs. Yes.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Homecoming. Here we go.

Alright. So I went to Homecoming with a boy who... has been very influential in my life. Let's just say that. I was absolutely terrified to go. I worried myself sick!

For our day date we went tandem biking.

I crashed us into a tree. (But later that night he got us lost in Draper, and I had to lead us back to the freeway. We are SO even.)

He was a gentleman the whole day. I was very impressed.

Here's the weirdest thing about the me-him thing: We have the Same. Exact. Music Taste. His ipod could be my ipod. Even the obscure songs are there. It's odd.

After our date he dropped me off and I got ready for the dance.
(A redhead may or may not have come to see me in my dress before I left.) ...... :)

We went to dinner. On the way to the school we had to drive by ourselves. Just me and him in the car. And it was... pleasant.

Throughout the night he continually surprised me. He'd sing all of the slow songs with me and ask really thought provoking questions.

I guess the moral of the story is this: It is possible to totally move on from someone and just see a friend. It is possible to have a good time doing something you're terrified to do.

 "What would you do if you were not afraid?"

And I am very glad he asked me to go with him.


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wait... Life is More Than School?

I forget (very) often that life is about more than getting a good grade.

I know, I know. Everyone says "It's not about the grades! It's about if you are doing your best." Yeah, sure. But if you're trying to get to the Ivy League, your best better be straight A's, constant service, a really amazing personality, and being pretty much perfect.

As we learned, I'm really, really good a failing when I try to do these things.
But it's my dream to get to an Ivy League University, so I try. (And every once in a while I get that sweet taste of success.)

Lately I started an actual hobby. Why? Because I really wanted to do it. Not for scholarships or applications, but because it's something I love to do.
I've come to realize life is more about doing the things you love than going through a list of things you hate in order to get to something that you want.

I've seen this done on a couple of blogs, and I'm gonna give it a go:

18 before I'm 18:
1. Go to the temple at least 40 times. (Shoot for 50!)
2. Go to a BYU football game.
3. Create a mini cook book.
4. Achieve consistently legible handwriting. (....Pray for me.)
5. Do something I'm terrified to do.
6. Start a hobby that will benefit me later in life.
7. Put one of my poems on my blog.
8. Write to a missionary.
9. Go to a midnight premier of a movie. (One of my favorite things.)
10. Learn to paint my own nails. (Pathetic, I know.)
11. Actually finish learning a new song on the piano.
12. Get to my pointe shoes.
13. Reach 50 blog followers. (Help me with this, please?)
14. Introduce myself to a cute stranger.
15. Watch all of the Rocky movies.
16. Choose a number one favorite movie, book, song, and historical figure.
17. Compile a mini scrapbook of my favorite moments in my life.
18. Write out my testimony.

Guys. I'm 9 readers away from accomplishing Thing #13. I've never asked if you could spread the word about my blog. I don't have a button or anything of the sort. I'm a word of mouth type of girl.
But... pretty please?
It is my birthday month, after all.

And then maybe I'll post some pictures and tell the story of Homecoming. :)

Anyway, I guess I'm adding this to my personal philosophies:
1. Things Are Never As Bad As They Seem. (TANABATS)
3. Life is more than a list of achievements. If that's how you look at it, then you will never be truly satisfied.

Monday, September 19, 2011

....And Then I was in the Office, Bawling.

Stay hot, Kimberly. Stay hot.

Cause: I forgot my math binder and my math homework.
Effect: My mom had to bring it into my math class in the middle of a quiz. I felt like I was in fifth grade.

Cause: I guessed that Ben Franklin was the first person think (or be credited with the thought) of daylight savings.
Effect: 106% on my math test. Yes. :)

Cause: I walked into the school and a boy pushed open the door. This door hit my toe at the exact angle required to do damage.

Effect(s): I bled and said: "Mr. Weyand? My toenail just got ripped off."
I went to the front office. Bawling. Not really because of the pain, but because I knew of the impending doom. Just imagine having to get your toenail taken off. Tell me you wouldn't cry.
I made jokes to the guy cleaning my toe. That's what I do to cope with physical pain. I'm a natural joke-ster. (After I bawl for a while.)

I miss my last class of the day.
I go to the Instacare and get treated.
The lovely doctor gave me fantastic college advice.
After two extremely painful shots, my toenail is completely gone.
I get a piggyback ride to the car.
I'm now treated like an invalid. (Because seriously... I can't walk, really. Did you know taking off nails is a form of torture? It is. It hurts a lot.)

But hey... at least I got 106% on that math quiz!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sort-Of Success

Have you ever failed so many times that when asked the question "What are your strengths?" you've been really tempted to say "Well, I'm really, really good at failing..."

...What? You've never felt like that? Oh, well, me neither.

...... .... but hypothetically, if I ever felt like that (which I haven't), I would try to remind myself that since I'm really good at failing and falling, I'm really good at getting back up on my feet, too.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

From September to June, weekends are what I live for.
I think any other high school student will agree.

This weekend pretty much was the average (read: fantastic) weekend for me.

1) The Mandatory Awkward Moment: Driving through the school parking lot with a certain redhead who had just taken me to lunch and guess who happens to walk right in front of the car. Oh, my Homecoming date. Who hasn't had any communication with me since.

2) A Movie: Contagion. One scene was so gross I had to close my eyes. Other than that it was okay. 2.5 stars.

3) A Board Game: Battleship. Tournament.

4) Service: I love it. :)

5) A Football Game: Sitting at a high school graduate's house watching the BYU game. With a bunch of other college kids. Some of which I have never met. Hm. I just watched the baseball stats at the bottom of the screen.

6) Fantastic Four Night!: I've got three close friends who I love. Wait a couple weeks and we'll have gorgeous pictures together up on our blogs. :) Fan Four nights include (but are not limited to): long talks, chips and salsa, dresses, a lot more talking, Wendy's, and Linds always making me laugh 'til I am gasping for breath. "Kim calls shotgun!"

And finally...
Remembering. Please remember the pain and the loss this country suffered 10 years ago. But even more than that... remember the growth and the bonding. Remember that we have the ability to heal. Remember the good and the forgiveness. Right now, a woman I know is giving birth to her first child. That just reminds me that after birth comes the inevitable death, but after death comes the glorious rebirth Hope.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

When Infinity Adds Up to Zero

I have so many words... but I'm won't say any.

I feel like I'm already walking the very thin line between "Okay" Blog and "This is so dramatic I want to die" Blog.

It's one of my worst fears to cross that line. I don't want to have one of those blogs that everyone secretly makes fun of.


10 Things in 10 Words (or less):

1. I cuddle with my Minnie Mouse each night.
2. Minnie Mouse was given to me by a special someone.
3. I received a Twins hat from the same person.
4. I memorize baseball statistics.
5. I cried myself to sleep two nights in a row.
6. I [might] get a special fortune cookie tonight.
7. I'm 17. (Happy Birthday to me!)
8. Christina Perri hurts me in a good way.
9. Everyday I find myself being happy.
10. "James" is taking me to Homecoming.
            (Click on the name if you don't know who that is.)

I could say so many things about every single thing on that list. I'm bubbling with stories. Countless words. But nothing is coming out.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Keepin' It Vintage

Homecoming. This word is a synonym for "Frantically Searching for a Dress that No One Else Will Have."

I cannot tell you how many headaches I've had over this in the past week.

Today, I finally succeeded.

I went to Decades, the best vintage store in the state. I swear. You  know how some vintage stores have nothing good in them? Decades is amazing. And big. Instead of being lucky to find one piece, you have to choose between your favorites.

I found my dress! My mother and I literally followed a lady holding it until she put it down.

It's yellow. And has lace. Be really, really excited for pictures from Homecoming.

P.S. If anyone has a short necklace of large pearls that I could borrow... that'd be appreciated. :)

Note: These are NOT pictures of my dress. So you know.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

I Will Rest in You

When you're discouraged, alone, sad, hurt, or anything of the sort, listen to this song.