Monday, September 19, 2011

....And Then I was in the Office, Bawling.

Stay hot, Kimberly. Stay hot.

Cause: I forgot my math binder and my math homework.
Effect: My mom had to bring it into my math class in the middle of a quiz. I felt like I was in fifth grade.

Cause: I guessed that Ben Franklin was the first person think (or be credited with the thought) of daylight savings.
Effect: 106% on my math test. Yes. :)

Cause: I walked into the school and a boy pushed open the door. This door hit my toe at the exact angle required to do damage.

Effect(s): I bled and said: "Mr. Weyand? My toenail just got ripped off."
I went to the front office. Bawling. Not really because of the pain, but because I knew of the impending doom. Just imagine having to get your toenail taken off. Tell me you wouldn't cry.
I made jokes to the guy cleaning my toe. That's what I do to cope with physical pain. I'm a natural joke-ster. (After I bawl for a while.)

I miss my last class of the day.
I go to the Instacare and get treated.
The lovely doctor gave me fantastic college advice.
After two extremely painful shots, my toenail is completely gone.
I get a piggyback ride to the car.
I'm now treated like an invalid. (Because seriously... I can't walk, really. Did you know taking off nails is a form of torture? It is. It hurts a lot.)

But hey... at least I got 106% on that math quiz!

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