Sunday, September 11, 2011

From September to June, weekends are what I live for.
I think any other high school student will agree.

This weekend pretty much was the average (read: fantastic) weekend for me.

1) The Mandatory Awkward Moment: Driving through the school parking lot with a certain redhead who had just taken me to lunch and guess who happens to walk right in front of the car. Oh, my Homecoming date. Who hasn't had any communication with me since.

2) A Movie: Contagion. One scene was so gross I had to close my eyes. Other than that it was okay. 2.5 stars.

3) A Board Game: Battleship. Tournament.

4) Service: I love it. :)

5) A Football Game: Sitting at a high school graduate's house watching the BYU game. With a bunch of other college kids. Some of which I have never met. Hm. I just watched the baseball stats at the bottom of the screen.

6) Fantastic Four Night!: I've got three close friends who I love. Wait a couple weeks and we'll have gorgeous pictures together up on our blogs. :) Fan Four nights include (but are not limited to): long talks, chips and salsa, dresses, a lot more talking, Wendy's, and Linds always making me laugh 'til I am gasping for breath. "Kim calls shotgun!"

And finally...
Remembering. Please remember the pain and the loss this country suffered 10 years ago. But even more than that... remember the growth and the bonding. Remember that we have the ability to heal. Remember the good and the forgiveness. Right now, a woman I know is giving birth to her first child. That just reminds me that after birth comes the inevitable death, but after death comes the glorious rebirth Hope.

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  1. AH KIM! you beat me to it! i was gonna post a long one about the fan four :D ahhh we are fabulous :D love you!