Sunday, October 2, 2011


If a year ago someone said to me "Kimberly, did you know that one year from know you will be watching parts of four Post-Season MLB games a day?", then I would say " that baseball or something? What is Post-Season?"

My, my. How times have changed.

I can [sort of] speak baseball. I love it. I know about the Wild Card slots and the 'Best Closer of All Time' and the Leagues and the Full Counts. I check the stats routinely and I mourn for my pathetic team and I scream how I hate the Brewers.

My favorite hobby is walking through the halls and seeing baseball hats. "Reds... Tigers... Rangers... Braves..."

Who knew watching a sport could become such a loved part of you?
Who knew that one baseball-lover can change your life so much?

Who knew that I could become obsessed with Ian Kennedy's perfectly manicured red beard?

Tell me you don't love that. He has brown hair and a beautiful red beard. So awesome.

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