Monday, October 10, 2011

Once Upon a Time...

I was five years old. I would stand in front of my fireplace and dance and dance and dance.

I dreamed of being a ballerina.
I took classes until I was eleven years old.
Then I quit.
It was too hard.

Let me tell you what's even harder:
Going back when you are seventeen and you haven't danced in six years.

But I'm doing it!

I think pointe shoes are the most sophisticated, beautiful, wonderful things that have ever happened.
I know that many of you readers have your pointe shoes, but I do not.

However: .... I will. I'm working towards it, and one day I will have them.

Just you wait.

For now? Yeah, I'm that girl who is 1 1/2 counts behind everyone else. You know you always love that girl. :)

P.S. Over 50 followers!!!! I am so happy right now!!!! I will gladly tell any story you all want to hear. Whether it be my best kiss, my most embarrassing moment, or whatever. You guys are great. :) Just comment and tell me what you want to hear, and I will tell you!


  1. go kim! :) you're the greatest. you'll get those shoes!

  2. love that you have a ronnie day song on the sidebar...I didn't know anyone else knew ronnie day. So that was excellent.
    Have a lovely day:)