Sunday, November 20, 2011


"Please come over on Saturday."
"No. I've told you before."
"No. All your family will have just arrived. I will not go and be the only person with dark hair in the whole house. And you'll all be busy hugging."
"Okay, I understand."

*repeat this conversation twenty times. Seriously. Multiple times every day. Finally, Saturday arrived*

"Please come over today."
"Hmmmmmm no. What are you guys gonna be doing anyway?"
"Playing games. Talking. Oh, and cheesesteaks for dinner."
"..... Cheesesteaks?"
"Yep! Sooo good."
"...... Okay, I'll come."

The cheesesteaks were the deciding factor (even though I don't even put cheese on mine, thank you.)

I'm glad I went.
I met my role model, finally. I've only been stalking her blog for months.
When she saw me she hugged me and said we were practically already friends. I was so happy; I almost died.
And I met her baby. She's got the bright red hair, too. We all just sat and stared at her; she's so perfect.
Oh, and I obsessively played with electric candles. Yep, I made a good impression. Obviously.

I love that family. Even though I was practically the only one there with dark hair.

They can be the Weasleys and I can be Hermione?
Yes. Ten thousand times, yes.

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  1. hahah. this made me laugh out loud :)

    you're too great.