Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I don't go around trying to think of boy analogies all the time, okay?

But this came to me one afternoon and I felt so smart and it fit so perfectly that I have to share it.

*Disclaimer: If I did not come up with this, then I apologize. I purely believe it is from my own thinking.

Boy are like jeans.
You find a pair that fits perfectly. You feel like a million bucks and you get ten thousand compliments the first day you wear them.
Pretty soon they become the only pair of pants you wear. You try on a pair of slacks and it just looks weird.

Time passes, and one of two things will happen:
1) You DO start wearing other pants, and eventually the love for your jeans fades.
or, more commonly (for me)
2) You wear your jeans practically everyday for months and months. You are stuck in this mindset that this is the best pair and they make you look the best.
Finally, a parent or friend must stage and intervention and drag you to the store. There you try on pair after pair, constantly moaning for your precious perfect jeans.

Then, wonder of wonders, you try on a pair and they are more than perfect. Not only do you look like a supermodel; they have simultaneously given you the power to cure cancer. You wonder how you ever lived with your old jeans. In fact, now that you're looking at them, you finally see that they aren't tight in the places they are supposed to be tight and the knees are faded (but not in a cool way) and remember how you had to constantly pull them up because they got so stretched out.

This new pair, you say, is much better.

And the cycle begins again.

"So you're saying there will always be better jeans than the pair we have? Our love for our denim will never last?!" Not so.

One day, instead of going to the mall, you'll go to a thrift store and find a comfortable, clean pair of jeans. No, they don't have the sequins or the embroidered pockets, but who really needs those?
And every day you wear those simple jeans, you will find new things you love about them. They don't wear over time; they gain character!

You'll never have to go jean shopping again.


  1. Kim,
    you should have a romantic advice column.
    Or something.
    You genius.

  2. Wow this is the perfect comparison! Couldn't be an truer.

  3. swoon!! you've just made my day i could not have been needing something like this until now. I do believe you a gifted poet of some sort. Keep up your awesome bloggin! i enjoy reading stuff like this. (:

  4. I love you kim. your brilliant.

  5. you're seriously onto something here.

    if i could publish you, i would.