Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Surprise

I am rarely surprised.
It's a sad truth: When you over-analyze, you are bound to find things out before you're supposed to.

This year my parents actually did it. They surprised me. Or tried to.
Maybe it was my mom telling me quietly that they simply couldn't find a car for me. Maybe it was because I convinced myself not to hope too much. Either way, I wasn't expecting anything big.

Christmas Morning: I woke up early with my siblings to make muffins. We were out of juice. Innocently, I opened the garage door to go to the outdoor fridge. What do you know, a car I have never seen before was sitting right in front of me! I gasped and shut the door.

When I opened the present holding the key thirty minutes later, I pretended to be shocked. I single handedly ruined the biggest surprise my parents were going to pull on me.

But I still got a car!

It's a Volkswagen Beetle. I'm seriously debating putting an Abbey Road vinyl sticker on the rear window. Beatles on the Beetle... you know? Haha..ha......ha. Well I thought it was funny.

I love driving around in it. I know somewhere a little kid is screaming "Slugbug!" and punching their sibling because they saw me drive passed.

Ruined or not, it was still a wonderful Christmas surprise.

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