Saturday, December 3, 2011

I Like to Pretend the SAT and I Are Friends

Last month, I was taking the SAT test for the last time. My mom took me out to lunch afterward to celebrate. I was so happy I almost cried.
(This is how I feel about the SAT: It is 30 times harder than the ACT. The ACT is like taking a slightly challenging uphill walk. The SAT is like running a marathon while being repeatedly punched in the gut.)

Today, I had to take some SAT Subject Tests. (They are a lot shorter than the SAT, and I can handle them.)

But fate had other plans.

Three months ago, I had to change my testing dates. I felt that I should listen to the prophet of the Lord speak instead of taking a test. So I clicked on the "Change Test Day" button on the SAT website. This (I guess) changed my subject tests to an SAT regular test.

This all sounds so confusing, but what it comes down to is that I was taking the SAT. Again. My nemesis.

After struggling for a half an hour thinking "Why am I here?", I decided it was a blessing.
I needed to improve my score.
The Lord was giving me one last chance.

So I took ran my marathon, again. And I decided to pretend that the SAT is my friend.
Oh, that is so nerdy. Then again, I am a girl who watches movies like this on youtube:

Hi, I'm a nerd.

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