Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Girl Without A Job

In case you really didn't pick up on it, I'm the girl without a job.
There is a good reason for this: I have 5 AP classes.
I know people take strenuous classes and still maintain a job, but I'm not one of them.
Basically I spend all my time translating Latin.

5 Tell-Tale Signs That A Teenage Girl Does Not Have A Job:
1) She wears the same shirts her mom bought from her in the eighth grade. And the same shoes. And the same dresses. And uses the same bobby pins.

2) She awkwardly borrows money from her friends all of the time.
(But if she's responsible she always pays it back eventually!)

3) She'll run her gas tank to empty and then has to ask her parents for one of their debit cards to fill it up.

4) On Friday nights, she suddenly becomes really sweet to her dad, and then happens to casually ask for some cash.

5) She pays for everything, EVERYTHING, with cash. And not like "Here's a twenty, give me change." It's like "Oh, look! Here's a five! And three ones.... and four dollar coins... and like two dollars in change...... Don't hate me, cashier!"

And yes, I display all of these signs. All the time.

P.S. Gotta love the 80's humor.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Calls

Watching a missionary open his call: One of my absolute favorite things.

-The future missionary always smile nervously and their hands always, always shake.
-Everyone always leans forward, collectively holding their breaths.
-The "Dear Elder So-And-So..." beginning.
-That tiny moment between the "You have been called to serve in the..." and the name of the mission.
-The elation that follows.
-The fact that everyone was so excited and nervous, but once the mission call is read, the Spirit comes and fills the room with peace.

Every single mission call feels absolutely perfect.

I have friends that are going to Guam, Sweden, Russia, California, Florida, Panama, Mexico, Washington, and India to name a few.

They are bringing the world His Truth.

Boys get called, and they come back ten times better than they ever were.
Missions are inspired; I promise you.

Some boys don't want to get called state-side.
In the wise words of my friend's mom: "Why are they going on a mission? To preach the gospel. To whoever, wherever." Not to see the world, not to learn a language. To preach the gospel. Wherever the Lord calls them.

If there weren't missionaries called to Monticello, Utah, then I wouldn't be here. Thank goodness there are.

So when a missionary opens his call, the moment they read their call is purely wonderful, no matter where they end up.

I love mission calls, I love mission farewells, I love missionaries, I love missions.

P.S. These cute missionaries crack me up. Especially when they start doing the combined part.

Sunday, January 22, 2012


People often say: "You're too young to know what love is." And yeah, they're sort of right.

But here is the thing:
They're sort of not right at all.

When you're seven and you love someone or something, truly love it, that is the deepest love you know. You really, really do love your collector's barbie you got for Christmas. That is the deepest love you ever felt.

And then you're thirteen and in junior high. Some boy glances sideways at you and stuns you with his bright eyes and you just know: This is love. That feeling you felt when you were in elementary school? That wasn't love! That is nothing compared to what you feel now!
And you cry yourself to sleep and you talk nonstop about you're bright-eyed boy because you are in love with him.

...And then you enter high school. And you fall in love yet again. You hold hands and you get your first kiss and you're just in love. You laugh at your junior high self because you know now: That wasn't love, that wasn't even close to what you feel now.

This cycle will repeat again and again. Throughout you're life, you'll constantly look back and say "I knew absolutely nothing about love when I thought I knew everything."

Let me tell you something: You loved when you were seven, you loved when you were thirteen, and you will love when you turn 87.

Imagine going to a first grader and giving them a Calculus test. When they fail the test, will you say "You know absolutely nothing about math. You don't even know what math is!"?
But they do! They know left and right and addition and subtraction.
Who are you to say that everything they know means nothing?

The truth is, we won't completely understand true, complete love until we die.
God is love, and will we ever truly understand Him in this life?
No, we can't even begin to comprehend Him.

But that does not make everything we learn void.

We love as a child, we love as a teen, and we love as an adult. We love with the deepest parts of our heart we can find, and as we grow we dig even deeper and find even more love.

So yes, that thirteen year old girl really does know nothing about the love that you now understand, but that does not mean that she does not love.

She reaches down in her heart as far as she can and gives all that she finds.
And she loves.
Truly, she loves.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Student Teacher

Bless all the student teachers in the world.
If you have been/are/will be a student teacher.....
Bless you.

Because everyone will hate you.
(There are few exceptions to the "bad student teacher rule". My sister, Kaelie, is actually good. Or at least I think she is. Shout-out to Kaelie!)

I'm not considered a bad student. In fact, I usually have a great relationship with my teachers.
Student teachers?
Oh man.
The should prepare for the sass.
On my scale of people I don't really like, student teachers rank somewhere between people who drive way below the speed limit and computer hackers.

Some tips:
1) Be funny. You don't have the chops to act like the boring but expert 50 year old teacher. Amuse us, please?
2) Be confident, but not cocky. We don't want to pity you for being so helpless, but we don't want to be put off by your cocky smirk, either.
3) Remember: No one likes to be treated like they are five years younger than they actually are. No one.
4).... You took teaching classes, right? Okay, just remember those.
5) It's all about balance: Take time to laugh and get off topic, but don't let your class walk all over you.

We want to like you, we really do.
Please don't make it so hard.

(I just had to throw this picture in. Neville, I've always loved you.)
Both pictures from pinterest.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Filling Up

This weekend I suffered a little relapse.
I felt like I was being repeatedly punched right between the ribs.

My heart hurt and I knew something needed to change.
I needed to fill up this empty spot in my heart.
This vast vacuum in me keeps threatening to engulf my empty being, so I am attempting fill myself so that the vacuum is made so small that it stops noticeably existing.

And I'm starting to succeed.

I'm filled with sacrificing friends who would rather sit on a couch with me than spend the entire night with their boyfriends.
*I'm filled signed copies of "The Fault in Our Stars" (now my second favorite book).*
I'm filled with classy pizzerias and for once not peeling the cheese off my slices of pizza.
I'm filled with spur of the moment texts that lead to spontaneous Saturday night outings. (Thanks, darling Elizabeth. You're the best.)
*I'm filled with concerts and Lady and Gent and Issac Russell and finding a spot right next to the stage.*
I'm filled with standing in the middle of a group of LP kids (the school I despise) and not caring a single bit.

      ...... in fact, I'm filled with shared grief for them. They are people, too. People who have two classmates that just committed suicide. I'm filled with a love and an acceptance that, despite their rich parents, they are just like me.

And, of course, I am filled with the love of the Savior. Never-ending, never fully comprehensible love.

(This picture found via Pinterest *here*)

Go out and live. You will be filled.

Friday, January 13, 2012


Today I went to the temple.
Fun fact: I can clearly see the temple from every back window of my house.
It is less than a half a mile away.
My church building shares a parking lot with the temple.

...which means I should take advantage of that blessing much more than I do currently.
So I went today!

The temple brings clarity.

Today is January 13th.
In case you'd care to know:
I'm doing well.
I'm happy.
I'm blessed.
I'm gaining revelation each day.
I'm understanding.

Happy birthday, Roadkill.

(Photo Credit to Chloe, found *here*)

Sunday, January 8, 2012

I'm Just a Little Balloon

I feel like giggling.
Honestly, I might erupt because I'm so happy.

There is something truly amazing about life: Hard work pays off, and the Savior's grace knows no bounds.

The Spirit spoke to me very clearly the other day. Oddly enough, the revelation came as I read blogs. Even if we can't see it, everything in our lives line up perfectly. One day, everything clicks and you say "Oh, that's why this had to happen!"

I feel like a red balloon who has been living at the carnival. I was with my fellow balloons, and I was content. Then a careless hand let go of me and- whoosh!- I was heading up, up, up.

"Wait, no!" the little balloon me screams. "I was happy! I was being so good! Why am I up here?!"

So me, this little balloon, is floating over mountains and flying with the birds and almost touching the stars. And I realize: I was happy before, but there is something bigger that I'm meant for. I'm up with the birds, and I just know: Good things are coming my way.

I'm as light as a balloon. Free as a bird.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Pressing Problem in Society(with pictures)

Today I'd like to talk about a large problem in our society. A problem with no apparent solution in sight. A problem so awkward that we all hesitate to talk about it. I will warn you that this is not for the faint in heart. Feelings may be hurt.

I'd like to talk our height problem. It's a big deal.

Because of genetics, there are short, medium, and tall people.

(Let's make it the general rule that in a standard marriage, the wife must be shorter than or the same height as the husband.)

When medium people marry medium people, a medium child is born to live their happy life.
Medium girls can marry medium boys or tall boys, if they prefer. But it looks odd for the wife to be significantly taller than the husband, so the short boys are out.

Medium boys can marry medium girls or short girls, so the tall girls are left out.

However.... when a tall person marries a tall person, they create another tall person. This is fine if this new person is a boy.

Tall boys can marry tall girls or medium girls or short girls. (Lucky tall boys!)

...Tall girls can only marry tall boys.

Now the shorties. Short girls can marry short boys, medium boys, or tall boys. (Lucky short girls, too!)

Short boys, however, can only marry short girls.

So let's look at this: There are two groups that can only marry one type of person: the Short Boys and the Tall Girls.

There are three large problems with this:
1) People from these two groups rarely marry each other, because it would just be really, really odd. So they don't cancel each other out.

2) The poor people have their amount of the "fish in the sea" lowered quite significantly. Basically, if you meet a tall guy/short girl, it's a good idea to cross your fingers that you are compatible.

3) When two short people get married, they have yet another short child. Same concept applies to tall people. This creates more and more short boys and tall girls. The problem never ends.

The short are getting shorter and the tall are getting taller.

Is there a way to solve this problem?
Well, if it was in style for a short boy to marry a tall girl, then yes, the problem would be eradicated. But alas, I doubt that will happen.

And thus, the problem continues to heighten, er, grow, er... expand.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Classic End of Year Post

2012. I am really looking forward to meeting you.
Why? Because you are a beautiful year. You're not an odd number. 2013 and I will not be friends, obviously.

But 2011 has been the best year of my life thus far. But I know that it's going to get even better, and I aim to be able to say this every year: "[Insert Current Year Here] has been the best year of my life."

Here are some highlights of 2011:

Student Council- the inside jokes, the events, everything
Planning Prom
Going to Prom
Choir Tour. Strolling with my friend on Paradise Pier. Who could ask for a better moment?
All of my afternoons spent at sporting events
My first kiss
Watching my friends graduate
My first boyfriend. I got a good one. He was great to me.
All the board games
Aerial fireworks becoming legal in Utah
Finishing my online classes
Lazy summer days
Watching mentioned boyfriend get a $225 ticket for carving a tree. Not one of the happier moments, but funny now.
Girl's Camp
Youth Conference
Becoming a Senior
Receiving a nickname
A surprising Homecoming
Goodnight texts
The World Series. Specifically, Game 6 of the World Series. I was dying.
Baseball, period.
Having peanuts and crackerjacks at a baseball game for the first time. I just really love this sport!
All my AP classes
The Fantastic Four
(500) Days of Summer. Again and again and again.
An Education
Thanksgiving Break. Being able to spend some of it with a red-headed family who is just so wonderful that I miss them all.
Getting my Beetle. Named Lady.
Zelda: Skyward Sword
New Year's Eve. A day which included Spanish coasters, terrible hair dye, and Boy Meets World. And then getting squished between a bunch of graduated boys whom I love wholeheartedly.

There were so many little moments that I simply loved. I grew a lot and I'm so excited to keep growing.

Thanks for reading my posts! (Even if y'all only comment if it's a sad post or about boys. I see where your priorities are!)

~The Girl in the Dress