Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Calls

Watching a missionary open his call: One of my absolute favorite things.

-The future missionary always smile nervously and their hands always, always shake.
-Everyone always leans forward, collectively holding their breaths.
-The "Dear Elder So-And-So..." beginning.
-That tiny moment between the "You have been called to serve in the..." and the name of the mission.
-The elation that follows.
-The fact that everyone was so excited and nervous, but once the mission call is read, the Spirit comes and fills the room with peace.

Every single mission call feels absolutely perfect.

I have friends that are going to Guam, Sweden, Russia, California, Florida, Panama, Mexico, Washington, and India to name a few.

They are bringing the world His Truth.

Boys get called, and they come back ten times better than they ever were.
Missions are inspired; I promise you.

Some boys don't want to get called state-side.
In the wise words of my friend's mom: "Why are they going on a mission? To preach the gospel. To whoever, wherever." Not to see the world, not to learn a language. To preach the gospel. Wherever the Lord calls them.

If there weren't missionaries called to Monticello, Utah, then I wouldn't be here. Thank goodness there are.

So when a missionary opens his call, the moment they read their call is purely wonderful, no matter where they end up.

I love mission calls, I love mission farewells, I love missionaries, I love missions.

P.S. These cute missionaries crack me up. Especially when they start doing the combined part.

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  1. Agreed!
    A soon to be missionary opening his calls is one of my favorite things ever! I adore it with all my heart!

    My best friend is head out soon and the fact I got to be there the night be opened it is something i will always, always cherish because it is the most amazing experience and the Spirit is so strong!