Sunday, January 8, 2012

I'm Just a Little Balloon

I feel like giggling.
Honestly, I might erupt because I'm so happy.

There is something truly amazing about life: Hard work pays off, and the Savior's grace knows no bounds.

The Spirit spoke to me very clearly the other day. Oddly enough, the revelation came as I read blogs. Even if we can't see it, everything in our lives line up perfectly. One day, everything clicks and you say "Oh, that's why this had to happen!"

I feel like a red balloon who has been living at the carnival. I was with my fellow balloons, and I was content. Then a careless hand let go of me and- whoosh!- I was heading up, up, up.

"Wait, no!" the little balloon me screams. "I was happy! I was being so good! Why am I up here?!"

So me, this little balloon, is floating over mountains and flying with the birds and almost touching the stars. And I realize: I was happy before, but there is something bigger that I'm meant for. I'm up with the birds, and I just know: Good things are coming my way.

I'm as light as a balloon. Free as a bird.

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  1. this.
    is absolutely wonderful. I love your blog a lot. and also that first picture.