Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Pressing Problem in Society(with pictures)

Today I'd like to talk about a large problem in our society. A problem with no apparent solution in sight. A problem so awkward that we all hesitate to talk about it. I will warn you that this is not for the faint in heart. Feelings may be hurt.

I'd like to talk our height problem. It's a big deal.

Because of genetics, there are short, medium, and tall people.

(Let's make it the general rule that in a standard marriage, the wife must be shorter than or the same height as the husband.)

When medium people marry medium people, a medium child is born to live their happy life.
Medium girls can marry medium boys or tall boys, if they prefer. But it looks odd for the wife to be significantly taller than the husband, so the short boys are out.

Medium boys can marry medium girls or short girls, so the tall girls are left out.

However.... when a tall person marries a tall person, they create another tall person. This is fine if this new person is a boy.

Tall boys can marry tall girls or medium girls or short girls. (Lucky tall boys!)

...Tall girls can only marry tall boys.

Now the shorties. Short girls can marry short boys, medium boys, or tall boys. (Lucky short girls, too!)

Short boys, however, can only marry short girls.

So let's look at this: There are two groups that can only marry one type of person: the Short Boys and the Tall Girls.

There are three large problems with this:
1) People from these two groups rarely marry each other, because it would just be really, really odd. So they don't cancel each other out.

2) The poor people have their amount of the "fish in the sea" lowered quite significantly. Basically, if you meet a tall guy/short girl, it's a good idea to cross your fingers that you are compatible.

3) When two short people get married, they have yet another short child. Same concept applies to tall people. This creates more and more short boys and tall girls. The problem never ends.

The short are getting shorter and the tall are getting taller.

Is there a way to solve this problem?
Well, if it was in style for a short boy to marry a tall girl, then yes, the problem would be eradicated. But alas, I doubt that will happen.

And thus, the problem continues to heighten, er, grow, er... expand.


  1. hahahha i'm laughing out loud. these illustrations are fantastic.

  2. I told you I would comment on this wonderful post, so I am. This is genius and totally made me laugh. So thank you for the smile!

  3. This is sooo stupid... tall girls and short guys can fall inlove with each other... imma guy and im only 5'5 and girlfriend is 5'10 and we have an amazing and romantic lovelife <3