Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Student Teacher

Bless all the student teachers in the world.
If you have been/are/will be a student teacher.....
Bless you.

Because everyone will hate you.
(There are few exceptions to the "bad student teacher rule". My sister, Kaelie, is actually good. Or at least I think she is. Shout-out to Kaelie!)

I'm not considered a bad student. In fact, I usually have a great relationship with my teachers.
Student teachers?
Oh man.
The should prepare for the sass.
On my scale of people I don't really like, student teachers rank somewhere between people who drive way below the speed limit and computer hackers.

Some tips:
1) Be funny. You don't have the chops to act like the boring but expert 50 year old teacher. Amuse us, please?
2) Be confident, but not cocky. We don't want to pity you for being so helpless, but we don't want to be put off by your cocky smirk, either.
3) Remember: No one likes to be treated like they are five years younger than they actually are. No one.
4).... You took teaching classes, right? Okay, just remember those.
5) It's all about balance: Take time to laugh and get off topic, but don't let your class walk all over you.

We want to like you, we really do.
Please don't make it so hard.

(I just had to throw this picture in. Neville, I've always loved you.)
Both pictures from pinterest.

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