Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Absolute Best Thing You Can Ever Do With Your Life

I have decided The Absolute Best Thing You Can Ever Do With Your Life.
No, it's not to be ridiculously rich.
No, it's not not start a huge charitable organization and feed millions of starving people.
And no, it's not to go backpacking throughout all of Europe (though we all wish it was).

Okay, put on your spiritual pants and get ready:

The Absolute BEST Thing You Can Ever Do With Your Life is...
to be able to be led by the Spirit at ALL times and in EVERY single thing you do.

I told my friend this today and she asked me "Wait, so do you mean to pray for every single decision, like what shirt to wear?"
No, that's not what this means.

This means that the Lord is able to trust you to be able to complete His miracles.
In the words of Dieter F. Uchtdorf, "You are His hands."

Start out small: Before you say something brutally sarcastic or critical, think "Is this really going to make me happy to say? Is this going to leave me with that effervescent feeling right between my ribs?"
The two seconds it takes you to think that will allow the moment to pass and then- bam!- you never got around to saying those demeaning words. And you're already a better person.

The next step: When you get little promptings like "Go talk to her." or "Look that person in the eyes and ask them how they are doing." Do it. Have you ever felt bad after doing that? No. Maybe embarrassed, maybe uncomfortable. But did you ever fee like you had done something wrong? No, because you were doing everything right.

You honestly never know when  a "Hello" or a "How are you?" could change someone's outlook on life.
Trust me.
Yesterday I felt like I had been punched in the gut again. It was awful. Out of the blue, I got a text from a concerned friend and an invitation to go to the temple from another.
I honestly cannot communicate how much those small things meant to me.

Be someone's miracle today. You'll never regret that.

If we live under the complete influence of the Spirit, then our lives will be beautiful.
Instead of seeing the pain of the refiner's fire, we'll see the beautiful gold that we will become. Our own burdens will be lifted as we help lift those of others.

I promise, you'll begin to see the abundance of silver lining on those clouds.


  1. kim - your blog is one of my absolute favorites. a lot of the time i come here and find that what i'm reading is exactly what i needed to hear. it's pretty much great, and i wanted to say thanks:)

  2. you're so smart!

    and I believe that it is the most awesome thing ever to be led by the spirit all the time. its wonderful.

  3. this was so sweet.
    i do believe you were my miracle today.