Monday, February 27, 2012


This Bob Marley quote just says it all. No, but really.

Practically everyday that I live I want to burn all movies that show love at first sight or soul mates or anything of the sort.

Not because I don't think those things are great-- believe me, I do. I watched Cinderella every freaking day of my childhood. I'm a big fan of true love.

But the media taught us backwards.

"Someday my prince will come....".... and he will be perfect and wonderful and never smell bad and he will look like an angel and love absolutely everything about you all the time and he will never get mad at you and he will never, ever be annoying or accidentally hurt your feelings. Ever.

Except he will.

It took me forever to realize this: Whether consciously or not,  we have this idea of who we could fall in love with.

Some girls make extremely specific lists of qualities. (My YW leader has even told me to do this.)
Some girls have a secret list that their subconscious outlines.

And while some general characteristics are wonderful to list out (e.g. "Honors his Priesthood" or "Does not look at porn"), most are not.

For example. I always thought I could never love someone if they were not at least as smart as I am. I seriously asked people their ACT scores. (This is not a joke. But you can laugh anyway.)

Then I fell in love with someone whose ACT was not close to mine at all.

I always said I would fall in love with someone at least six feet tall.
I fell in love with someone who probably is not six feet tall.

Does God love us for what we look like?
Of course not. We all know that.

Does God love us for the things we're good at? Our talents?
No he does not.

He loves us for our hearts. For the tiny things that make us, us. Don't we want a godly love? A perfect love?

For so long, we've been programmed to have a preconceived idea of the person we're going to fall in love with.
We're searching for love backwards. We're looking in the heart last.

Fall in love with the little things, and then you'll find yourself falling in love with the low ACT score. With the crooked teeth. With the stupid remarks. Even with the fact that he, yes, sometimes smells bad. Because that's him. And you love him.

When you fall in love with the heart, the love for the rest will follow.


  1. I'm appreciative of your new lilacs picture. Also. I've been planning our next photo shoot. In my mind. All the time. SO excited. :)