Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Some days all of the stoplights are green.
And your favorite songs are on the radio.
And you have a pretty blue first place ribbon to display in your room.
And you touch Middle Eastern door handles (even though they aren't supposed to be touched).
And you watch British shows with your mother.
And you close your eyes and feel Spring.

And the greatest part is... the day wasn't perfect.
Ballet is still hard and you still eat too much. You felt lethargic and your dress is two inches too short for comfort.

But you know what?
The day still radiates with Happy, and I wouldn't change it at all.


  1. YAY! Congratulations!!! I'm so glad you did well. And that you visited me today. :)

  2. this post just summed up how great life is!! i love it:) those days are the best! i lava your blog!

    {just} sara