Sunday, March 18, 2012

That Classic Family Memory

Every family has memories that they recount again and again and again.
"Remember that one time..." and everyone chimes in and tells the story even though they've all heard it a thousand times.

For my family, one of those memories happened in Disneyland.

We had just gotten back to the U.S. after we lived in New Zealand. After a long day enjoying Disneyland in all its glory, we headed over to  the infamous Splash Mountain. However, once we got in line, we realized we had a problem.

None of us wanted to sit in front.

1)Dad: Sits in back, always. He thinks his girth will hide everyone else in the picture or something.
2)Mom: She possessed a terror about the drop.
3)Kaelie: Wasn't there.
4)Kimberly: Okay, here's the thing: I am deathly afraid of those animatronic birds. Roller coasters? I love 'em. Fake birds singing happy songs? I have nightmares. (No, really. I have nightmares.)
5)Kelsie: Is not a fan of rides like this. Didn't even go on the ride.
6)Kloie. Refused. Don't ask me why.
That leaves...
7) Zach. Who was FOUR at the time!

The worker at the ride, bless her heart, was all "Oh, just leave the very front seat empty, put the little boy in the second seat, and all of the rest behind him!" and we were all "Okay!".

Once we started on the ride, we realized it was in absolutely NO way okay. Zach quickly realized what was happening. He saw it coming. He knew he was going to die, probably. And there was nothing we could do.

His screams drowned out the freaky birds' singing through the Entire. Ride.
We contemplated climbing out at an emergency exit.

Anyway, we made it to the hill. The vultures laughed at us. And down we went.

The moment was captured in the following picture: 

Please just look at his face. Heartbreaking. A little red tomato with a black 'O' for a mouth. What were we thinking? No one knows.

But now it's our classic family memory.

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