Sunday, April 15, 2012

In Which I Break A Promise.

So I got a request to write a blog post about something:
My Best Kiss.
But I can't.
Believe me, I thought about it and I chose one specific experience.
I know that I said I would write about it.
But I can't.

See, once I told everyone about my first kiss. I told the story so many times over the span of a single day that it ceased to be mine. It belonged to the world, not to me.
I promised myself that would never happen again.

My memories are my most precious possessions.
I'm not ready for them to become public domain.

So... sorry? I feel sort of bad because I promised something and now I'm not following through.

Oh man, this is awkward....
So I'm going to Boston on Friday. That's exciting.
I'll take pictures and post them.... I'll try to look sophisticated, but no promises. Lately I've been sporting the "Baseball T-Shirt" look.

Okay, this isn't getting less awkward.

Can I just give some advice?
While in a relationship, don't take for granted the little things.
Kisses are great. Large displays of affection are great.
But trust me, every time he brushes the hair out of your face or sends you a goodnight text or plays Star Wars with your little brother means just as much as every time he kisses you, if not more.

I think the little things are what truly make you fall in love.

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