Friday, April 6, 2012

Living Life.

I'm not a photographer, nor do I claim to be.

But I do claim to be someone who loves her life.
And, sadly, someone who becomes apathetic a little.

To get over my urge to simply go through the motions, I have to constantly find ways to keep myself busy and doing new things.
I believe in living life, so I started this tiny project:
Photo A Day April.

 Day 1: Your reflection

 Day 2: Colour

 Day 3: Mail

 Day 4: Someone who makes you happy

Day 5: Tiny (thanks, Kloie, for the baseball eraser!)

Day 6: Lunch

There are stories behind all of the pictures. If you're curious and not my friend on facebook, let me know.

I'll post as I keep going. I'm not a fan of posting everyday (personal preference, nothing against daily posters), so I'll do every few days.

And hey, go out and live life, okay? It's really enjoyable.

1 comment:

  1. You;re amazing. I enjoy your posts immensely so don't ever stop. okay thanks :))