Sunday, May 6, 2012


"Happiness"  is the smell of lilacs, the feeling of my baseball apparel, the taste of frozen lemonade, the sound of Indie music, the sight of a name in black ink.

"Disappointment" is the smell of egg sandwiches, the feeling of 4th period, the taste of overcooked corn-beef, the sound of my own whining, the sight of empty things.

"Apathy" is the smell of old shampoo, the feeling of unstretched muscles, the taste of peanut butter, the sound of pop music, the sight of empty pages and unopened books.

"Sadness" is the smell of my t-shirts, the feeling of my dad's beard, the taste of watermelon sour candies, the sound of an old video, the sight of crowded airports.

"Joy" is the smell of salsa chicken, the feeling of sore toes, the taste of fresh peaches, the sound of a six year old, the sight of the temple.

Why do we try to give concrete definitions to feelings that are meant to be understood with the senses?

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