Sunday, June 17, 2012

Battle of the Bands

There are few things I like on this earth more than concerts.
My friends David and Micheal are in a band, and asked me to come support them in their first ever concert.
They were fantastic, especially the song about a Dear John. Quality.

Let's be honest, the majority of the night was spent at an alcohol-free drink bar and searching the gutters (literally) with David for a (not) love note.

Concerts do three things for me:
1) Provide an opportunity for me to contemplate why I will never put gauges in my ears... ever.

2) Let me remember that everyone has felt the way I feel. They've been  there. I'm not the rare exception to any rule.

3) Remind me to live life. To fill my days with things other than Australian television shows. (But I'm starting a job tomorrow! Yes!)

I'm very lucky to know the Bradfords, and I'm contemplating asking Micheal to serenade me every day. He's really that good.

 We know how to party in Utah County. Cotton Candy Shirley Temples.

It's a Peachy-O martini!

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