Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Underdog

I don't think I'll ever understand why people love the obvious bet, the best team statistically, the well-known beasts.

Why there are Yankees fans in the world, I'll never know.

I root for the underdog almost 100% of the time.

Because nothing feels better than the little victories.

If you like the Underdog, then you are used to the losses and relish every single victory.

I knew this had always been my philosophy when it came to sports, but only lately did I realize that it's my philosophy when it comes to basically everything.

Boys? I choose The Underdog.
Reality TV shows? I choose The Underdog.
Music? I choose The Underdog. Or, you know, Indie bands. None of this Top 40.
Movie characters? I choose The Underdog.
           (........this usually leads me to rooting for the villain at the end of a movie. I cried for Syndrome in The Incredibles.)

Favorite Super Hero? Underdog. (Just kidding. Not really.)
Captain America. Not because of his looks, but because even when he was the little guy he never backed down from doing what was right. 

So it makes sense that I like to be the Underdog. I like to fight for things that seem out of my reach. I like to be the weaker school in a rivalry, the least experienced dancer in a dance class, the girl with the smallest mouth to stuff a doughnut into.

You don't think I can do it? Watch me.

what defies us


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