Thursday, August 2, 2012

Fun Facts

Fun Fact-- I used to be funny. What happened there? Oops.

Fun Fact-- I finally got through Pottermore to the point where I was sorted. GRYFFINDOR FOR LIFE! Also, the core of my wand is dragon heartstring... same as Hermione's.

Related Fun Fact-- I'm basically Hermione Granger. We're the same person. I know there are lots of girls who feel that way, and that's fine. We can share her. Her brains, her annoying habits, her big teeth, her love of rules, not to mention her love of redheads.... we're the same person.

Fun Fact-- I got my wisdom teeth out today.

Fun Fact To Go With Previous Fun Fact-- Lortab has no effect on me. Maybe it's helping with the pain... but I feel exactly the same from before I took it. I am not drowsy or inhibited in any way. Take THAT, drugs!

Fun Fact-- I'm assigning my birthday presents this year. I used to just say "Surprise me", but then I was disappointed. I've taken matters into my own hands. People get a present based on price and their relation to me. Holler back, Type A personalities!

Another Related Fun Fact-- I'm not really a huge Type A personality. For proof, please view my bedroom. Just kidding. Don't see my bedroom. It's embarrassingly gross right now.

And The Final Fun Fact-- I'm planning on going on a mission. I'm so excited! Only 3 years and one month until I can go!

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