Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Thank Goodness

Thank Goodness all of our wishes don't come true. Thank Goodness that almost all my wishes on stars fell through. If they didn't, I'd be married to Alex Giles from the third grade, Christian Graf from the fifth, and Mark Chamberlin from the seventh. It'd just be really awkward, being married to all those boys.

Thank Goodness I don't get everything I want. If I did, I'd be much worse off. I'd be like that blonde girl in the Princess and the Frog, except probably much chubbier (I've wished for a lot of funnel cake in my life).

Thank Goodness 11:11 wishes mostly fail. They've taught me something about myself. I don't care how many times my wishes don't come true. I'll keep wishing at 11:11, on birthday candles, on eyelashes, on stars, dandelions, wishing wells, and Disneyland fireworks. Doing so inspires me to voice my deepest wishes, and then I know I have to go out and fight for them to come true.

Thank goodness wishes often are forgotten and hardly ever come to fruition, because it makes it so much sweeter when they actually come true.

Stars stars stars



  1. Oh Kim I loved this post! It's totally true haha

  2. I've always been afraid of what would happen if I got everything I wanted.