Sunday, September 23, 2012


I don't know where I clicked with my boys.
Maybe it was somewhere in the middle of Latin class.
Maybe it was when I came home from New Zealand and they said I no longer looked like the school floor. (Best compliment ever?)
Maybe it was when they would throw paper balls at me in Computer Technology.

Or maybe it was way before that.

Maybe we clicked when I gave Coray that mini soccer ball for the gift exchange.
Maybe we clicked when Reese and I stood on the curb in front of Big H on October 26th in the seventh grade.
Maybe we just always knew we'd be friends.
Or maybe not.

But the point is, we clicked.

It hasn't been that easy here.
There hasn't been a click.

I meet people and I go to parties and I watch boys chug milk.
But none of them have clicked.

I went on a date. Really, I did. He was nice and he was funny and he was cute [and he had bright red hair].

But I don't want him to click.
Because 18-year-old boys turn 19 and then they leave.
And the redheads, you know, they are the ones you have to look out for.
...Even if you click.

Disclaimer: I'm happy, Mom! I'm having a really, really wonderful time. Do not worry. I like to write blog posts like this for the same reasons I like to watch Finding Neverland. I just like to. Life is good. :)

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