Thursday, September 6, 2012

Here's To

18 candles stuck out of my peach cobbler. Exactly 18. Two of them were the numbers1 and 8, but they were arranged to show "81". Yep, I reached adulthood and became an old woman.

"Make a wish!"

For the first time in my entire life, I didn't know what to wish for. I wanted to yell "Wait! Sing the song again! I haven't had time to think of a wish!". But I didn't, and I hastily blew out the candles with a pulled-out-of-the-air wish.

Because here's the thing: My life isn't perfect, but I'm liking it too much to yearn for some big something.

I am happy. I am learning. I am growing.

So here's to my classes that I love.
Here's to my Fantastic Four, who will always be with me.
Here's to my roommates, who are already some of my closest friends.
Here's to the endless stack of food-presents I was given. I've gained like 5 pounds already.
Here's to new experiences, like wakeboarding and being a vegetarian (two months!).
To my calling, which is going to chasten me and help me grow.
To every attractive RM I speak to. I want to marry all of you, but I've got a few years in front of me before I do.

Here's to moving on. To leaving the corner of my heart that I've been inhabiting in for a long, long time.

A couple months ago my parents asked me what I wanted for my birthday. I had already assigned my presents (Mulan, Beatles book, 10 dollars for a vinyl sticker, and a license plate cover that says "My Other Car Is The Millennium Falcon") and I told them I wanted a Hope Chest.

I wanted a place where I could document my past and hope for my future.

So thank you, everyone. For filling my  heart so much that I didn't even need to make an earnest wish this year.

My hope chest might as well be full to the brim.


  1. that's the craziest feeling! what do I wish for?? oh shoot... (: but it's a good sign, right? right.

  2. I love much. Here's to 12 years of friendship!!! :) And many more.