Monday, September 10, 2012

Things I Never Knew

Things I Didn't Know Before Right Now:
1. People don't magically get good at giving peer reviews in college. "It was good..."... and this is an honors writing class. I'd like some feedback, please.
2. It's a good thing to have a big family that inhales all junk food in the span of three minutes. When you have a whole box of doughnuts to yourself, you end up being like "PLEASE take a doughnut so I don't have to eat it!"
3. When you don't have an internet curfew, you find yourself looking at facebook at midnight and nothing has changed since the last time you checked.
4. Sundays are not, in fact, a day of rest. They are a day of endless meetings.
5. I got incredibly lucky with my roommates. We're all extremely close already.
6. When you become a freshman in college, you simultaneously become a junior high school student again. I feel like I'm in eighth grade. For this reason, I steer clear of freshman parties. I'd rather not regress to being 14, thanks.
7. Three concerts in one week. Your feet start experiencing spasms and cramps. But it's worth it.
8. Learning patience sneaks up on you. It's not really something you can actively control all the time, but then suddenly you're like "Hey! I'm being patient right now!" and it's awesome.

To be honest, this post was an excuse to say one thing: I never knew a 'please' and a 'promise' could hurt so badly. I feel like the Amazing Spiderman. I'm making a promise that I do not want to keep at all.

The last thing I didn't know before right now... being vague is hard to do when you're a very open-book-type person.

In Nostalgic Mood by tangyauhoongSo don't do it.

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