Friday, October 12, 2012


I have a friend, and we both thrive on doing "classic age-appropriate" things.
This year, we do freshmen-in-college things.
We go down slip-n-slides covered in blue foam and I let her sleep in my room when she locks herself out of her building. (Love you, Kara!)
This week is part of the 10-Day Recapturing Beauty Campaign. The Women's Center is putting it on. It's the perfect age-appropriate activity, so obviously I'm participating. It started with yoga and ends with Zumba! Today's challenge is making our own definition of beauty and sharing it somewhere. So here it is!

Kimberly Noelle's Definition of Beauty:
The most beautiful person that I ever knew was made of light.
He was always smiling. He was always laughing. His eyes were always clear.
He radiated light, joy, hope, the spirit of Christ.
I'd look at him and I'd be stunned. He wasn't heavy or rough. He was light.

That's my definition of beauty.

Be light. Radiate light.

Beauty is not your weight. It is not your complexion. It is not your figure.
Trust me, I know it is hard to remind yourself of that truth.
You might say "Well, I know that my self-worth isn't based on how I look."
And yeah, that's nice to say, but it's really hard to actually live.
I, for one, stare at my hair every day and wish it was longer. Why did I cut it? For some reason, I feel that three inches of hair makes me more or less beautiful.
But it doesn't. My light is what makes me beautiful.

I like how "light" means two things:
1) Don't be heavy-hearted. If you see life as a chore, then it will be. If you see life as the most beautiful and inspiring thing that has even happened to you... it will be.
2) Shine. Emit rays of something good. Spread joy. Radiating means that you are giving your light to others.

How do you do that? How do you achieve this lightness?

Humility, grace, patience, and gratitude.
We shine when we let the Lord shine through us.

That's true beauty.

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