Monday, November 12, 2012

Growing Pains

This post is dedicated to the 10+ started-but-never-finished blog posts sitting on my computer.

To my little sister who is ten times more stunning than me. She's beautiful.
To my other little sister who just got 100% on her spelling test. She'll be just as beautiful as her older sister.

To the boy wearing the D-Backs hat at the Creamery. Thanks for letting me stare at your head for a while.

To my cheeks. I don't think they ever stopped being chubby since I got my wisdom teeth out.
To the two times a week I give plasma. I basically sell my body for money. It's blood prostitution.

To Wednesdays, which are mission call days.
To the fact that I don't turn 19 until September. Sometimes I love that and sometimes I hate it.

But mostly, this post is dedicated to the one follower who stopped following  me today. I'm always told that numbers don't mean anything, but sometimes it feels like they do.

So this post is to the Growing Pains. To being comfortable with who I am and not needing to change for anyone else. Or to prove a boy wrong.

What I work on to make myself better is between me and my Heavenly Father. Not between an ex-boyfriend or ex-blog follower.

Simple as that.

1 comment:

  1. I lost 2 in one day...hahah I guess I offend! :)