Friday, May 3, 2013

Life in 216 Words

I love even numbers, so it was basically divine providence that I was born on 9/4/94. Can a birthday get more beautiful than that?

I wore dresses and tights every single day until I learned to ride a bike. I still prefer dresses. In fact, when one of my professors saw me in jeans, she stopped the lecture to point out my clothing choice. True story.

I fell in love with reading and never got over the obsession. I soak up words through the pores in my skin and savor their scintillating syllables. Also, I am a sucker alliteration. If you couldn't tell.

I had a thing for redheads, once. Well, twice. I send my ex-lovers to Moscow. They freeze there. I (finally) got over that phase, but they left me with baseball and a song that almost no one has ever heard. And also a strange pull to a town in southern Arizona.

Heartbreak is the most glorious trial that has ever happened to me. The Savior's refining fire is painful yet magnificent.

Creepily, I love learning about diseases. I chose a major where I can focus on Ebola and West Nile and Malaria  for the rest of my life.

In four days I will be flying to Ukraine. Surprise! I mean, what is life?

A Blogosphere thing that is happening right now is blogging every day in May. I won't be doing that (ha!), but I liked this prompt.

This post is supposed to my life life in 250 words or less. But the interesting thing is... I don't feel like that really says who I am. That's my skeleton but not my flesh. You wouldn't know me by reading those 216 words. You wouldn't know what I think about when I fall asleep at night or how much I love the Redwoods or that I say annoying things all the time ("Basically..." or "Let me just throw up in my mouth right now").

So there is my "life." But that's not all of me. Not even close.


  1. I love this Kimberly. Especially the last paragraph. I love that you're a deep thinker.

  2. Just barely discovered you have a blog! Yay for more blogging people I know! Super cool you're gong to Ukraine. So jealous! You're going to have so much fun!
    (emily peterson)