Saturday, October 26, 2013

I'm Staying Here Forever

Hi family!!! Remember that one time I was like Ï have plenty of time on the computer!"Yeah, that was a lie. I guess a lot of missionaries here decide that they can be disobedient and stay on for an hour and a half, but really you are only allowed an hour. So far, it seems like I'll be fine. I seriously type like a maniac so I will be able to answer all of your emails. :) I love them so much! We get so excited for Pday. It's like Christmas every week!

-The people of Mexico City shoot cannons all. night. long. We wake up to cannons. We go to sleep to the sound of cannons. Apparently they are fireworks, but we don't see any light. Just hear the noise. My district thinks it is because of gang wars. Seriously, someone could bomb Mexico City and no one would even know. (But I love Mexico City, so I pray that never happens).

-Our investigator (fake, but important nonetheless) committed to baptism! We couldn't even believe it! Now he is our teacher and his real name is Hermano Salazar and he's really intense. But he has a really strong testimony and I learn a lot from him. We picked up 2 more investigators. It's really nice to practice without the threat of messing up and ruining someone's eternal salvation. :)

-Something I learned: Use the scriptures so much!!!! The Spirit testifies through them. The scriptures let the Spirit speak right to the heart of the investigator.

-We had an English Fast last Friday. It was so hard! The Elders in the District had to do 5 pushups for every English word they said and we had to do 10 seconds of wall sits in at least minute intervals. The Elders all caved and I was mad! How can we ask an investigator to stop smoking if we can't even quit English for a day? But I remembered what Jared told me: They are 18 year old boys. They have a lot to learn, as do I. So I kept my mouth shut and didn't call them out about it. It was their choice.

-In Europe, NO ONE drove VW Beetles. No one. Here, I swear every other car is a Beetle. They love them! Old or new and any color of the rainbow. So awesome. I miss my Lady bug.

-So you know how my mission scripture is John 10:10? I love it because Christ brings ABUNDANT life. Well, I was reading Romans 8:37 and I looked down at the footnote. The scripture says "Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us."The footnote says that it means ABUNDANTLY victorious. How beautiful is that? The Lord graciously overdoes it when he blesses us. He fills us up to overflowing.

-I saw Tanner Davidson this morning!!! We were so happy to see each other! Ah. Baptism friends. He looks way excited to be here. I couldn't take a picture because my camera is broke. If you see any quality cameras on sale... that'd be cool. :) (But do you know what would be cooler? A knitted maroon Weasley sweater with a K on it. Just sayin')

-So I brought the 301 Spanish verbs book and it is a LIFE SAVER!!! Everyone in my district is jealous. I should have brought the 501 one. Elder Gardner wants to buy it off of me. So thanks for that!

More questions from Kaelie:
1. So why is it that your group of sisters is so small? Isn't the MTC down there bursting with missionaries?
Most of the missionaries that didn't want to go to another semester of school are already down here. The groups get smaller and smaller each week, but it will pick up again in January. We only have 8 hermanas in our casa which can really hold 16.
2. What is the most interesting thing you have learned about the culture down there?
They say 'Linda' to describe anything they like. I thought it was just for pretty, but nope!
3. What is your favorite lesson to teach in spanish?
Haha..... whatever one I can struggle through. :) I like teaching about prayer, though.
4. Has the different language opened up a new understanding of the gospel for you?
I think I have really just learned that pure testimony is what is important. I do not need to get into the details and complexities. I just have to bear testimony of the truth, and the Spirit carries it to the hearts of others.
5. Are the temple sessions you go to in English?
We had headphones for English last week, but next week it is all in Spanish!!!! Ah! I'll let you know how that goes. The temple workers are super nice, though.

6. Which most recent conference talk have you been studying the most to give you strength and insight?
I don't have a lot of time to study whatever I want, but I have been rereading a BYU speech called Ünleashing the Dormant Spirit"by Elder F. Enzio Busche. You should read the entire thing and do what he recommends! I made a list of all my desires I feel every day and I have been practicing categorizing them. I feel like I am more in tune with little promptings and it helps me stay on focus. :)
My challenge for you all this week: Talk it out. I am with my companion 24/7 (she is from Sandy, Utah by the way. Her biological mom is Korean). Anyway. Sometimes we are not always on the same page. This usually happens when we are planning a lesson. It is SO frustrating and we try to have the Spirit, but it takes work from both of us. Yesterday we both were frustrated, but we didn't have the option of leaving and fuming. We HAVE to be with each other and it is much more enjoyable if we are happy with each other. So we talked it out. And we ended up closer than when we began. So instead of fuming or creating reasons for other's actions, just talk it out. And really listen. And have the Spirit there.
Haha, that's a big challenge, I know. :)
I love you all so much!
Thank you for your support and emails. I really really just want to get at least one letter here!
So much love,
Hermana Pellegrini

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