Friday, October 18, 2013

I was SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SOOOOOOO  HAPPYYYYYY TO HEAR FROM YOU ALL!!!!!! So happy. But first, literally all of you said "I know you don't have much time"but I have a lot of time! Don't worry about long emails. I can print them out. I would rather hear everything than hear almost nothing. Also, I am a fast typer. Along with that, you can use the website to write me things! You email it, and then they print it out and put it in my mailbox. It takes about 10 days, but letters take over 2 weeks. So Dear Elder is nice.
OKAY. This has been the second longest week of my life! (Dance camp takes the cake). I feel like I have aged a year since I saw you last. But everyone here says the time flies by after the first week, so I am hoping that is the case. I love it here, but if time continues like this I will be an old lady before I leave!
Kaelie sent me a list of questions to answer, and I think that would work best:
1. How are you feeling?! Emotionally, Spiritually, Physically, Socially??
 Okay, today is a weird day to email. Normally, I feel AWESOME! I love it here. I haven't gotten homesick. Everyone is really nice here and we all say "Hola"all the time. Wow, this keyboard is sticky. Sorry. Anyway, I haven't felt an abundance of the Spirit, but I think that He is in the little things. I don't go around with a burning in my bosom, but I feel happy all the time.
Physically-- Hahaha. Well. We have gym time every day. My companion, Hermana Bain, likes to work out (p.s., I am saying a lot of these words in Spanish in my brain, but I turned the keyboard to the English setting, so it would take a lot of time to switch it back and forth to spell in Spanish. Sorry!) Anyway, so I run on the elliptical for like 15 minutes every day. Working my way up. I memorize vocabulary when I run because I like rote memorization and it keeps my mind off of how much I hate working out. But we play volleyball or basketball and it is super fun! My district is SO supportive and they make me feel like I am loved instead of a hindrance
Socially-- So good! Hermanas and elders cannot eat together, so we get a lot of girl time with other hermanas at meals. Other than that, I am with 7 boys all. the. time. But I love them! They are like 7 more brothers to me! 

Oh! Before I forget. Remember when I said I hoped I was never called as a Sister Training Leader on my mission? Because ambition is a big problem for me? Yeah.... that lasted 4 days. Hermana Bain and I are the Sister Training Leaders for our zone. There are only 2 other sisters and they leave next week and we aren't getting a new district, so we are the leaders of ourselves. I know. Pretty intense.
Anyway, our maestro is great! Hermano Rodriguez. He is a native. It is super nice to get to hear real Spanish every day! We are the intermediate class, so he speaks pretty fast. He is always happy and a VERY good teacher. We have a blast and learn a lot about how to be effective missionaries every day. We are all pretty bored with the Spanish, though. They start us pretty basic and we know it. But I have a goal to be 100% obedient, so I do all the homework even though I know the concepts. I know I will be blessed for it. And I am gaining a very large church vocabulary!

2. What is Mexico like??
Well, the city is a lot like Kiev. As we drove to the temple today, everyone was like "Look at those people seeing food! Look at all the graffiti! Look at the buses packed with people!" But I have done that all before. It's just... life. It's not a zoo to look at the animals. Just look at my pictures of Ukraine and pretend that everyone is short and brown. That's Mexico City. Anyway. That's not what it's like here in the CCM. The CCM is HEAVEN. Seriously, it looks like Pleasantville or some 50's town. All of the hermanas live in casas that all have different pastel-colored trimming. Mine is light purple. We have lawns and the trees are huge and the streets are wide but there are no cars so we just walk down the middle. #runonsentence. There are these big circles everywhere and we are supposed to run to them in case of an earthquake. We are praying for an earthquake, because we really want to run to the circles! Haha!

3. I would love to know about your companion... what is she like?
Hermana Bain is GREAT! Seriously, such a big tender mercy that she is my companion. She is obedient and driven and kind and always makes me feel good. She always supports me and loves to listen to me. She says I have a gift of listening. She is half Korean and she is beautiful! We get along SO well and we are such good friends. When we sing together we sound like angels! She thinks I have a great voice, which cracks me up.

4. What do you think of that MTC?
Haha... already answered this. But I am SO HAPPY I am here and not in Provo! It is always warm here. We study outside all the time. We have a blast.

5. How is the food?
DELICIOUS. Lunch is my favorite because there are tortillas and rice and beans and SPICY salsa! But dinners are good, too. We had tamales and I went back for seconds! Every day the food is different and so I don't get sick of it. Yet. But everyone says it is always good. I eat well, but haven't gotten sick from it. I feel pretty healthy.

6. How are the beds?
Hard as rocks. It takes me 40 minutes to fall asleep. But I wake up pretty easy! I know I have to be up, so I do it.

7. How are your teachers?
Also already answered this. But I will be getting a new teacher next week. He is currently out investigator. When I would read missionary emails I would be like "Why do they care about this fake investigator?"Because they are pretty much the focus of the day, that's why. They just threw us in. Our second day here we taught a lesson in only Spanish. And we fell FLAT ON OUR FACES. Oh, it was soooooooo soooooooooo bad. We tried to keep a good perspective, but it was hard. The next lesson was better, and last night Manuel prayed for us and has been reading the Book of Mormon! But we are an intermediate class, so he doesn't go easy on us. He won't commit to baptism to any of the the companionships. Gah. But PLEASE keep praying for me!!!! I can feel your prayers and support and you have NO IDEA how much they help! Please please please don't forget that I need your help!!!!

8. Is it SO nice to be busy again and knowing that everything thing you are doing is going towards something AMAZING?
This is SO NICE! Ah. It's nice to have a purpose, but overwhelming, too. What I have learned more than anything else here is that we need the Spirit with us ALWAYS. There is no way I can be a missionary without the help of God. Even our Spanish teachers tell us "Don't worry about learning Spanish. Worry about having the Spirit." It's hard, but I love it.

10. ARE YOU TAKING PICTURES?! (I know, dumb question, of course you are, but I just had to check.)
We can only take pictures on Pdays! Worst thing ever!!!!! Everyone breaks this rule, but Herman Bain and I don't. Which stinks. So I have taken some, but most of today was spent at the temple and doing laundry. Which was a beast of an ordeal that I would rather forget. But I took some. I know that you want to know how the temple went: The temple is pretty. We go every two weeks.

11. The top 3 things you've learned so far?
1. Have the Spirit with you always
2. Always be supportive of your companion
3. Sometimes it is better to show your love than completing the task. I have heard this before from President Monson, but I have been trying to enact it. Which is hard. Because I have to find a balance between my getting my work done and truly loving. But it makes me happy.

12. Have you had a chance to meet people outside of the MTC yet?
No, and I am scared to. Can't I just stay here for 18 months??

13. What was Church like in Spanish?
Only our sacrament meeting is in Spanish. We give the talks. Ah! √ć'll just say... it is A LOT more easy to understand than Russian! But I still say Niet all the time instead of no. And Spaseeba instead of gracias.

14. Did enough people write you today?
No. I knew I wouldn't get a lot of emails, but I still hoped for them. So THANK YOU to my family and to Marissa for writing me! I was glad to have some!

So much love,
Hermana Pellegrini

p.s. THANK YOU for the surprise teddy bear! I sleep with it every night! Who put in in my bag? What is its name?

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