Saturday, November 2, 2013


Ah. Halloween is like my favorite holiday. I love it. And today has been one of those days where EVERYTHING goes right! So satisfying. Okay so like 2 of you called me out for not talking about enough spiritual experiences. Sorry! We do the same thing here everyday. But. I wrote down some. So I'll start with those and then go into other stuff.
Okay so Elder Davis in my district told me this thing: After you do awesome you ask yourself: Are you happy? YES. Are you satisfied? NO. I think this is a really good way to make sure you aren't beating yourself up and picking out your flaws and making yourself feel bad, but you are still moving forward.
-We had a district heart to heart the other night. The Elders cried. It was beautiful. We all want to get so much better! I am eternally grateful for them. They are like 7 brothers. Honestly.
- So the other day I was sick (I'll get to that) and I decided to write a spoken word poem. But  no matter what I tried, the words wouldn't come! So frustrating! But what I decided was that for these 18 months, my words don't belong to me. My words belong to my Savior and proclaiming his joyful gospel. So when I teach lessons, that's when my poetry comes out. Hopefully I get better at Spanish and I can say things eloquently, or at least in a way that the Spirit gets through.
-Along with that.... it's been really cool. One of the elders told us that our teacher told him that when Hermana Bain and I were teaching him (He was pretending to be an investigator) he was holding back tears. He says we are very powerful teachers. I loved that and I was so grateful that the Spirit magnifies our talents! I said a prayer for class the other day and one of the elders left the room crying. He later told me that he didn't hear a word of my prayer, but the Spirit spoke directly to him. I'm just grateful that I could be a tiny part of that.
-Once a week we teach volunteers from Mexico City. Yesterday we taught a lady and Hermana Bain was super in tune with the Spirit and asked her about her family. She told us all about this really big trial that's happening and we understood everything she said! I love listening to natives. Hma. Bain and this volunteer were both crying and the lesson was beautiful and we were so happy! I had such a love for this woman from the second I met her. I just KNEW that God loves her individually and wants her to be happy. I love the love of Christ!!!!!!!!
-Both of our ïnvestigators"committed to baptism and one of them set a baptismal date!!!! He's gonna struggle with the law of tithing though..... but we're prepared. :)
-I really want to have endless optimisim. Today we went to the temple and I was thinking about why things are repeated so much. Then we sat in the celestial room for forever because Hma. Bain really, really likes to pray. :) But because we were there so long, I thought again about optimism. Sometimes it seems like the missionary I want to be is so far away from what I am right now. But then I thought about the repetion. I get to start over every single day. And I'm always gonna mess up. But I get to start again! Practice makes permanent. And I've got 18 months to try to work the lessons I am learning into my soul.
Okay random stuff:
-I was sick for a  bunch of days. :( I had to cut all juice out again. The doctor here thought I was crazy for being allergic to juice. Um, it's true! Anyway, then I got a really bad cold. So I had to miss class for 1.5 days. But I refused to miss lunch because I love the tacos so. so. much. Hermana Bain took good care of me and I'm all better now!
-Guys. For 18 months my initials are H.P. HARRY. POTTER. I pretty much screamed when I realized that!!!!!!
-For service we have folded sheets. I am basically a pro. They would hire me in Downton Abbey. I even know how to do the ones that are the fitted sheets and I make them look so good!
-Hermana Bain and I like to put gospel lyrics to songs that come to our heads. My favorite is our one to "Tell you what I want" by the Spice girls. Ïf you wanna be my convert, I'll tell you what to do. Get right in the font now. Let me baptize you!!!!" We think we're funny. What am I gonna do if when I have a companion I don't like? Pray a lot, I guess! I wish I could just stay with Hermana Bain.
-Hma. Bain and I both can't sing. We had to do a musical number as a district for Sunday. When we practiced, us to Hermanas couldn't even sing because we were laughing so hard. We either sounded like banshees or men. So to make us feel better.... and to mock us.... our district sang the whole Hark All Ye Nations in falsetto! I could not even stand up because I was laughing so hard. These boys are the best.
-Daylight. Savings. God's gift to missionaries..... until Spring. But it was GLORIOUS!
-In the building with our classroom.... there is a beeping sound.... it happens every. single. second. It comes from a locked closet and it has been going on for WEEKS! We call it the chukakabra (like bigfoot... I don't know if I spelled it right). After repeated attempts, we killed it! Sweet relieft. Thank goodness for maintence workers. We were going slowly insane.
-There are these cookies here that are like packaged cookies in the US. They are called chokis. Everyone is obsessed. I may have eaten a whole sleeve of them.
-Guess what?! Hermana Bain said I looked like the girl from Paperman! Ah. Still my favorite compliment ever.
-So there is this random head statue here. I'll put on a picture. Elder Scott was pretending to lift it up and I saw this note underneath it! We pulled it out and it was a coded note from other missionaries! The Mexico CCM is creating it's little quirks, just like Provo. :)
Okay, so I know I say a bunch of random stuff. But that's what I like to write about! Funny things happen and that's what I like to share with you. When I get in the field I'll meet real people and have more stories. But here.... it's a lot of development inside of me, you know? Like actually trying my hardest during volleyball. Or making sure other people go in front of me in line. Little things. So I'm sorry these aren't super spiritual, okay? It kind of made me sad that no one seemed really excited about what I had to say.

1. How was the temple???
Good! I did it in Spanish! So hard. But good. Better than every other time I've gone except for when I went to Salt Lake.
2. What is the coolest thing you've learned about your roommate?
She was named after her mom's first cabbage patch doll. BHAHAHAAHAHHA I still laugh about that.
3. How is your relationship with Heavenly Father growing as you dive into this life of service?
I think my faith is growing a lot. Just ask. Just ask for what you need. Tell him. Straight up. If it's a righteous desire, he wants to bless you! Maybe you won't get what you want, but he'll never leave you without what you need. And sometimes he answers by giving strength. Or loosening you bands. But he'll answer. I promise.
4. What is the number one food you miss from home?
...... hm...... I mean, I like American food, but I get TACOS EVERY DAY. So nothing.
5. How have you seen yourself grow in the past few weeks?
I kind of already talked about this up above.... so see it there. I wish I could be like Änd I'm awesome now! Here are these awesomely spiritual emails!" but that's not the case. Change come slowly, almost inperceptively. But it comes. So just be patient with me, okay? I really just need love and prayers from home.
HALLOWEEN!!!!! Best day. Hma. Bain and I wore costumes: I wore red stripes and she wore blue. Together we are the American flag! When I am alone I am a candy cane. But I'm never alone, so yeah. Today I woke up with energy! And my waffle was fresh! and Hma. Bain saved me the last muffin in the bucket because I AM OBSESSED WITH THE MUFFINS HERE! They got chocolate milk and a worker gave it straight to me so I got the first one! We got to buy bananas from a guy selling them on the street! Basically the best day! Oh, and my hair looks good! And laundry went smoothly! Best day best day best day. I love Halloween. :)
AND THE RED SOX ARE THE WINNNERRRRRRRRRRRRRRSSSSSSS. I did a victory lap around the computer lab when I read that. :))))
I love you guys very much!
Hermana Pellegrini

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