Sunday, November 24, 2013

Last One From the CMM!!

Ahhhhh!!!!! I'm leaving tomorrow! My flight is at 6:15 a.m., but we have to leave the CCM at 3 in the madruga! Crazy! I'm super excited though. It's been a journey for me to get the point where I am EXCITED to go. I have loved it here. So, so, so much. Like, I don't really remember a life before the CCM. I love the palm trees. I love the sun rise. I love volleyball. I love my classes and my teachers and my district and my companion and my food and the hermanas and the casa  and the green grass and absolutely everything. This is seriously my garden of Eden, and tomorrow I get put into the lone and dreary wilderness. But here is the thing: Adam and Eve were cast out EAST of Eden. Do you know what East symbolizes? It's the direction of God. So when we get cast out east of Eden, we're actually getting closer to God! How cool is that? I've always loved symbolism. Anyway, I'll adjust. And learn. We had in field orientation on Friday and it was wonderful! It was all about believing that you can baptize and how to find people and stuff like that. I got excited, but then Satan worked on me hard. I've never been homesick, but I was definitely dreading talking to people. So I've been pouring out my heart in prayer. Really trying. Reciting scriptures and doing everything. Every time I pray I feel such a peace! God will not take me somewhere he is not already waiting for me. The campo is definitely going to be hard, really really really hard, but what's so great about comfort? Comfort makes us weak. So I'm pumped to go!
Okay so on Saturday we had our final district volleyball game. It was THE BEST DAY OF GYM TIME EVER!!!!! Seriously, such a blast. Elder Gardner was literally on the ground rolling around in fits of laughter. It was so, so, so fun. I love my Elders! Once I got hit in the face with the volleyball. But: my team got a point off of it! They kept playing and we scored! Yay! And they asked if I wanted to sit out for a minute, but I shook it off  and kept playing.  So I figure: Being rejected will probably be a lot like getting hit in the face with a volleyball. But just shake it off. Keep going. You might get a point from it!
Funny story: One time like 4 weeks ago Elder Markward said: Ï just can't take the word Consuelo seriously. I just think of a Mexican maid or something. Consuelo, come here!" and the way he said it was SO FUNNY. The problem is: The word consuelo (or comfort) is in SO MANY HYMNS. Every. Single. Time. we sing a hymn that says consuelo we all DIE. We cannot stop laughing! So I decided it's a tender mercy that God Be With You in Spanish doesn't say consuelo. Or we wouldn't be able to get through it at all!
Not much as happened since the last time I emailed you. We're just doing our lasts of everything.
Oh! So we got these little packets that have our flight verification number and info on it. It is super important. Guess who lost theirs? Me. I don't even ever lose things! I was so panicked! So I prayed and someone turned it into reception! Giant crisis: averted. Tender mercies never cease?
Have any of you tried reading the Book of Mormon out loud and pausing after every verse? It is just SO WONDERFUL. I just read Alma 7 and it was glorious. Seriously, the Book of Mormon is so powerful. We can receive revelation every time we read it!
I will email next Monday! And I'll be back in the states!
I have loved my time here. So, so, so much. I have loved it. Thank you so much for all your support. I know that Christ lives. I know that he is our Savior. I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God. I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet that restored Christ's church. I know that commandments are for our benefit. Please, never stop improving! It is so hard sometimes when we think that things are intrinsically a part of us. We think that it is simply a part of our personality and we don't need to or cannot change it. Please, never stop improving! Never stop trying to become more like Christ! Give up your weapons of war day after day and he will give you strength. I testify of this.
With so much love,
Hermana Pellegrini

District 15A!
Trying to take a serious team picture.... like our jerseys?!
Hermanas in mi casa

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