Tuesday, December 31, 2013

I Literally Live in a Cloud!

So guess what? I pretty much live in a cloud! I looked out the window this morning and what did I see? Fog! It is foggy here all the time. So I thought "Wouldn't it be cool to tell my family that I live in a cloud?" and then I thought it sounded kind of dreary, but it's not. You know how when you're little you picture clouds to be all bouncy and fluffy like cotton balls? Jokes... they really aren't. But the fog is really pretty in its own way. Hermana W and I think that we don't have to drink as much water in a day because we suck it in through our pores. Science, you know?

It was so great to skype my family at Christmas! I think the thing that surprised me the most was how normal everyone looked. But I'm pretty sure that in 5 months when I get to skype again Kloie will have grown like 6 inches and Zach will have a full-fledged beard. :)

We got to teach our favorite family again this week! Oh, I love them. They have a 2 year old who is basically a tornado. He loves to be all over everything. They try to control him, but that's just his personality. So it really hard to keep everyone focused and the Spirit present, but we try to roll with it and make sure we're focusing on them and not just on teaching the lesson. We taught about prophets and the Restoration and it went awesome! Carlos said that when he reads the Book of Mormon and prays and feels the Holy Ghost telling him it is true then he will be baptized!! A lot of people really shy away from baptism or even the invitation, so that was super exciting. So please pray for Carlos' family. They go through a lot.
On Saturday we went on a mini-exchange with some other Spanish sisters. We were tracting an apartment  complex. Through a weird chain of events, we were standing in front of a door when a little girl knocked on the door to pass out a flyer for a baptist church. So we were standing behind her, kind of like waiting our turn to talk about religion. Haha. :) I was talking to some kids who spoke Spanish that were playing by the door, and my temporary companion started talking to the lady in the apartment. When I turned back to my companion and the lady, it was like I walked into a wall of the Spirit. Like stepping into Narnia or something. This bubble of good feelings. My companion was testifying about how Christ loves each of us and knows us by name. It was such a sweet moment and the lady said we could come back and teach her more! We asked her named and--get this--she said 'Nefi.' Which is how you say Nephi in Spanish. We both kind of just stared at her and were like "...Nefi?" And she said "Yeah, it's a nickname for Neftali". It was so funny! Talk about being prepared! She'll love the Book of Mormon. ;)
So that exchange day, guess how many contacts we got? (Contacts are basically when you meet someone, share a restored truth, and invite them to do something) 46. 46! Tracting and street contacting are really not the most effective way to do missionary work at all, but still, it was awesome. We met some really cool people. While we were walking, we heard someone say "Sisters!" a man got out of his car, said he was a member, and that he wanted to pay for our dinner. It was awesome! Tender mercy.
So we live right in the middle of the city of Everett. Like downtown. I've never felt in danger, but on Saturday I did see a dirty gun. And a man thought we were prostitutes. Which I thought was super funny. We are wearing about 5000 layers of clothes and minimal makeup, which obviously scream prostitute. Haha. :)
We taught a lesson to a man from Yemen! I love meeting people from all over the world.
I learned how to make Mexican chicken soup! It's basically like any chicken noodle soup but without the noodles. Also, you have to start with a whole chicken. Don't bother getting boneless.
Did I tell you about the "No tenedor" rule? Our district leader made a rule that we are not to use forks if there are tortillas on the table. It makes for pretty funny meals. Good thing I love tortillas!
I'm not getting transferred, thank goodness! I really like this area and I want to stay here. Plus we are really spoiled that we live in the city where there are Latinos to teach.

ALSO. I have used my Russian like 5 times in the past week! How cool is that? There is this community of Ukrainians that live in Washington! They think it is so cute when I try to say hello and good morning, good day, and good night. They are usually like 50 times nicer than the Ukrainians that were actually in Ukraine were to me. They're so adorable. I wish I remembered more than "Stop the bus!" and "Mom is at home."
The new year is a perfect time to increase our faith! That's something Hermana W and I have really trying to focus on lately. Taking a few steps into the darkness and trusting that light will illuminate our path. Miracles will come when we pray for them.
I love you all so much!
Hermana Pellegrini

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