Friday, December 20, 2013

I'll Have a Blue Christmas Without You (But not really)

This week I made a list of things to tell you so I wouldn't forget!

So the highlight of this week for me was teaching a lesson with some people named Carlos y Claudia. We said the prayer, and then I looked at Claudia and she was crying. I asked what was wrong and she said that Carlos' brother had just passed away from cancer that very day! So sad. We spend the next hour comforting and sharing scriptures that would help their family. I was just so grateful that we got to be there for them the very day they needed an extra dose of Christ's love for them. I really felt like we were fulfilling our duty to bind up the brokenhearted. I got to be Heavenly Father's hands for a little bit. :)

The other day we were walking around and we met a lady named Kim! She was really nice, but really shy. When we were done talking to her, I gave her a sincere compliment. She looked at me and said "That was the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me. Thank you." I remembered that something I LOVE to do is give sincere compliments. It makes people so happy! It's such a simple way to show Christ's love for them and I really mean what I say. So I think I am going to do that more. Even when people don't accept our message, I know that it makes their hearts softer to the Spirit and God's messengers when were a purely kind.

Tender Mercy: Wednesday was really hard. I was just really, really down. I didn't think I would get a letter, but I ached for one so badly! And then I did!!! It was from Coray. :) Basically he was saying that he's not writing anyone but his family and Reese now because he is a Zone Leader. But it was really nice and I was SO happy to hear from him! I am SO grateful that Heavenly Father knows me. Personally. Knows what I need (which is different from what I want, although he knows that too) and knows when to give it. I was just bursting with happiness after that.

Something good that I did this week is that I made a list of things that will still be there when I get home. Basically, everything will be. Except for my friends. And no matter what I do, I can't change that. It makes me sad, but that's life. But the list was comforting to make because then I didn't have to worry about silly things.

I watched the Christmas Devotional in Spanish yesterday! SO good! Usually I fall asleep in the devotional. But it was like seeing home! I was so happy! I loved seeing our favorite choir people, especially Mrs. Bird and that guy that makes the really funny face when he sings. It made me think of all of you. :) Anyway, I could feel the Spirit SO strong and it made me so happy! I was reminded that I am here to spread Christ's love. Because I want everyone to feel cozy and joyful in their hearts like I do when I come unto Christ. :)

Okay, so being on a mission you kind of get to see all the places where you can improve in your life. And as I'm getting better, I have a desire for my family to get better, too! I just want everyone to take one more step to Christ. Just one. Because He WANTS to bless you! So I want to ask you to do something. I just want you to SMILE at everyone! Living in Utah, I used to think "There is no missionary work I can do!" and yeah, missionary work is different. But one of the church's objectives is the perfecting of the saints. I'm going to be honest with you: I hate ward dynamics and drama and stuff like that. But what if we all just smiled at each other? Smile when people don't smile back. Smile at people in the grocery store. Smile at people in their cars. Just spread joy. That is missionary work! I meet people that are like "Oh yeah, I know a Mormon. They're nice." When if you're the only bit of Christ's love that people notice today? How are you going to be an example of Him? So my challenge for you is to smile at at least 5 people you don't know every day. You will be happier, I promise. :)

I love you all so much! I will respond to your individual emails now. I love you!!

Hermana Pellegrini

P.S. OH! TODAY IS MY 2 MONTH BIRTHDAY!!!! At this rate I will be 167 years old before I get home. It's been a long, LONG two months! But this is what I figure: If every month is a year in my mission life, then right now I am 2 years old. A 2 year old doesn't know anything! So it's okay I struggle. I'm a baby right now. That's comforting to me. Anyway, happy birthday to me!

Pictures: -Maria's Baptism!
-We made gingerbread houses. Ours was a classic Mexican house: 2 doormats, an old happy birthday sign, and Dish 500, and lots of stuff in the front yard. Those are what we really look for to find people to teach.
-We found this drawing in our apartment. It's so ugly that we hung it up. :)
-Kaelie-the lighthouse was on Elliot Point. I thought of Pete's Dragon and of you. :)
-A lighthouse! I FINALLY saw this ocean this morning!

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